MARIANNA — School officials took time to recognize the accomplishments of two dozen Jackson County educators Tuesday afternoon.

Certificates, pats on the back and words of congratulations and appreciation went out during Tuesday afternoon’s school board meeting, when 24 teachers were recognized for work they’ve done to improve the performance of their former students.

Analysis of the most-recent three years’ data helped the Florida Department of Education identify the state’s highest-impact teachers. State officials looked at student performance on standardized tests for which a state value-added model (VAM) is calculated, according to a Feb. 24 letter to teachers from Education Commissioner Pam Stewart. VAMs help measure teacher or school contributions to student learning.

“Whether in a classroom where students arrived already high achieving, or a classroom in which students were underperforming, your efforts provide inspiration and opportunities to young people that may have been otherwise inaccessible,” Stewart wrote in her letter to teachers.

Or, as Deputy Superintendent of Jackson County Schools Cheryl McDaniel put it, “These teachers, on the state assessment, did a jam-up job moving their students forward.”

The following were named the highest-impact teachers in the Jackson County School District:

Mark A. Brogdon, Susan Caroline Burgan, Paige Cavanaugh, Robert Granville Davis, Clayton Daniel Dilmore, Rhianna W. Dowling, Rebecca Hart, Toyka M. Holden, Sheresa Nicole Howell, Mary E. Ingram, Philip Michael Jones, Jerry J. Justice, Kimberly Ruth King, Anna Parish Martin*, Julie N. Melton, Sherrie Harrell Melvin, Heidi R. Perkins, Rachael Michelle Poole, Nirra Latrenda Poret, Pamela M. Rogers, Holley Rowan Sweet*, Kristian Joy Jones, Dena Marie Davis, Barbara A. Williams*.

*No longer employed with the Jackson County School District.

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