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Saturday 04/25/2015
Dothan Ice Cream Company hopes to do more than just sell frozen pops

His first day out on his tricycle, Brett Smith developed a leg cramp as he maneuvered the trike through Chapelwood and then the traffic on U.S. 84. Pedaling with the extra weight of a cart-sized freezer turned out not to be as easy as it looked.

Pets that need homes

There are always dogs and cats in need of good homes at the Dothan Animal Shelter. To find out more about these or other animals, call the shelter at 334-615-4620. Ask about sponsorships, volunteer opportunities and the shelter’s ongoing wish list.

Dothan area church services

Find out about upcoming religious services and events.

Thursday 04/23/2015
Artist captures the human face of blues music in Wiregrass Museum of Art exhibit

You can’t help but reach out and touch the faces hanging on the walls in the Blumberg Gallery at the Wiregrass Museum of Art. The resin life-cast masks reveal the details of the facial contours of their subjects, complete with wrinkles, pores, scars, even hair.

Dothan area arts and entertainment


Free harmonica lessons offered as part of Wiregrass Blues Fest

It can take years to master the harmonica.

Tuesday 04/21/2015
Houston County health scores, April 6-10

Here are the health scores for food and lodging establishments April 6-10 as provided by the Houston County Health Department. A score of 1 means the establishment is new and has not been scored yet or is a food processor that does not get a score.

Social media, Internet play key roles in Toadlick Music Festival

Want a quick view of this year’s Toadlick musical lineup?

Dothan area church services

Patterson Street Free Will Baptist Church, 406 Patterson St., Dothan, will hold a Youth Explosion Revival April 22-24 with services at 7 p.m. Revivalist will be Elder James Brown. Call 334-793-7681 or email pattersonbaptist@centurylink.net for more information.

Sunday 04/19/2015
TP hangs over the roll

It takes a big man to admit when he’s wrong. That’s why at 5 feet 8 inches tall, I rarely do so.

Saturday 04/18/2015
Dothan area church services

New Zion AME Church, 102 Clarke St., Enterprise, will hold its annual spring revival on April 20-22 with services at 7 p.m. Guest evangelist will be Elder Hal Reynolds Jr. of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church in Abbeville.

Pets that need homes

There are always dogs and cats in need of good homes at the Dothan Animal Shelter. To find out more about these or other animals, call the shelter at 334-615-4620. Ask about sponsorships, volunteer opportunities and the shelter’s ongoing wish list.

Friday 04/17/2015
Baby beavers, otters increase need for pond at Big Bend Wildlife Sanctuary

Baby otters do teethe.

Craig Campbell keeps music personal

Much of Craig Campbell’s music is autobiographical.

Toadlick Music Festival less than a week away

In less than a week, music lovers will gather at the National Peanut Festival Fairgrounds for the fourth annual Toadlick Music Festival.

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Rustic Plate

  1. Rustic Plate: Springtime brings fresh vegetable options

    Easter, with its abundant portions of chocolate bunnies, glazed hams and roasted lamb, is now behind us. And so are the season’s inspired Peeps Lattes, the anthropologically precise indicators that appear, quite overnight, to subtly announce that Easter is almost upon us.
  2. Rustic Plate: Grits are just the South’s version of pasta

    I don’t know whether Kathryn Stockett, author of bestseller “The Help,” likes to cook or not, but I suspect that we share a similar sensibility about food. I say this based on her summation of grits in her novel: “That's all a grit is, a vehicle. For whatever it is you rather be eating.”
  3. Rustic Plate: The Americanization of fettuccine Alfredo

    A recent email got me humming Louis Armstrong’s “Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen.”
  4. Rustic Plate: Neighbor’s cookbook gift leads to fascinating culinary journey

    Neighbors remind me of Forrest Gump’s “life is like a box of chocolates” simile. You never know what you’re going to get on any given street, road, apartment complex or block.
  5. Rustic Plate: Keep tomato sauce simple for best flavor

    It’s hard to imagine most people having heart palpitations at the mere mention of tomato sauce. Basic and humble, this sauce plays servant to cooked pasta or as a flavoring agent to many vegetable and meat dishes. It’s often just an afterthought.
  6. Rustic Plate: Arborio a perfectly imperfect rice

    Thanks to Italian culture (the nerve!) and to countless cookbooks worldwide, the white, short-grain rice called Arborio is forever associated with the creamy Italian rice dish called risotto. I suppose the association is not uncalled for, given that Arborio rice IS risotto’s main ingredient. It could certainly be worse, I’ll grant you, as a good risotto is fairly heavenly.
  7. Rustic Plate: Cook to take back control

    No beast is a cook.
  8. Rustic Plate: Recipes take sweet potatoes to next level

    Dear Rustic Plate:
  9. Rustic Plate: Chocolate, butternut squash helps create divine chili

    I felt peculiar the other day as I added roasted butternut squash and dark chocolate to the same dish.
  10. Rustic Plate: Solving the Brussels sprouts PR problems

    Opinions on Brussels sprouts resemble the political landscape in which we unfortunately find ourselves: 100 percent polarized.
  11. Rustic Plate: Boost the flavor of vegetables

    Veggies often get a bum deal.
  12. Rustic Plate: Take salads beyond the leafy green basics

    I never used to think much of salads.
  13. Rustic Plate: Conquering okra’s slime factor

    An okra stew is the only dish I’ve ever made in 25 plus years of cooking that went straight from the stove to the dustbin.
  14. Rustic Plate: Risotto a culinary prima donna but worth the effort

    Some foods exist as gentle reminders that it is usually best not to wing it in life.
  15. Rustic Plate: Frittata recipes make use of leftover pasta

    Sure, Italians love their pasta. Just don’t ask them to eat it again reheated the next day.
  16. Rustic Plate: Sauce, bread tasty uses for blueberry harvest

    Making blueberry pie from scratch, including the homemade crust, is a luxury.
  17. Rustic Plate: Love what you eat

    Some people say bungee jumping makes them feel alive. I’ll never know. By the time I was pushed off the cliff, and someone would most certainly need to push me, I’d surely die of fright. So much for feeling alive.
  18. Rustic Plate: Planning a dinner party? Mix elaborate main dish with easy sides

    The idea of preparing dinner for eight adults can lead people to great heights of inspired creativity. Or, it can take them to the brink of convulsive hysteria.
  19. Rustic Plate: Enjoy your fresh summer veggies

    With summer comes farmers markets, and with those come some of the freshest produce around. It makes for veggie-lovin’ heaven!
  20. Rustic Plate: Potato salad made with oil or mayo

    Potato salad is the food lubricant of any good ol’ fashioned summer barbecue.
  21. Rustic Plate: Whipping egg whites into perfection

    By Serena Cosmo
  22. Rustic Plate: Right techniques make the difference with pizza crust

    Pizza-making can make or break a family fun night.
  23. Rustic Plate: A delicious, yet fake, alternative to store-bought ricotta

    It’s not easy to impress my mom when it comes to culinary shenanigans, but I think I had such a moment with her the other day.
  24. Rustic Plate: Delicious cutlets, no matter what you call them

    A breaded cutlet by any other name would taste as good.
  • TP hangs over the roll

    It takes a big man to admit when he’s wrong. That’s why at 5 feet 8 inches tall, I rarely do so.

  • Let’s just cane them

    It’s often said that a man with a gun can rob a liquor store for $50 and get life in prison, while an attorney or accountant can steal $10 mil…

  • Eat as I say, not as I do

    There are many things in life which are amazing, such as how seven “Fast & Furious” movies got made or how there are probably more payday …

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