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May 5, 2016
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Letter: Deteriorating morality - Dothan Eagle: News

Letter: Deteriorating morality

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Posted: Sunday, May 5, 2013 12:15 am

An April 20, 2013, article in the Dothan Eagle explained that the Boy Scouts of America has proposed a compromise to allow open homosexual boys into Scouting, but to ban all open homosexuals from Scout leadership. This proposal is to be voted on by the BSA's National Council in May of this year.

I immediately thought that the Republican Party mentality was represented well within these Scout officials who made this proposal.

Apparently, this proposal has alienated the homosexual rights political advocates in GLADD who see this as wrong and making no sense, with a comment that an open homosexual boy can be a Boy Scout, but after age 18, an open homosexual cannot participate as a leader in Scouting.

GLADD is correct. This is indeed a double-minded policy.

The proposal also has alienated those of the political right who see this as a moral compromise, which introduces immorality into the BSA, an organization which has historically been a fundamental arch hero in promoting moral values.

If this proposal is adopted, then the BSA will lose the moral and every other type of support from the political right. The approved proposal will also not please the advocates of open homosexuals in Scouting until open homosexuals may also be Scout leaders.

Why does all this remind me of the Republican Party? The answer is because the Republican Party started compromising all sorts of moral issues years ago, which has caused the further deterioration of the potency of the Republican Party. Remember George W. Bush spending the federal government into unbelievable debt? Remember Bush's head of the FDA making the morning-after post-coital abortion pill (called a birth control pill by the political left) available to promiscuous teens who can now legally get them, without prescription or the knowledge of their parents or guardians? Remember Bush having the Log Cabin Republicans, the organized homosexual rights advocates within the Republican Party, for a social and political meal at the White House? Remember Bush dropping his enthusiastic support of the Marriage Protection Amendment after his first State of the Union Address?

Moral issues, to most people, are issues that are believed to be uncompromising.

It appears to me that the Boy Scouts of America will continue to deteriorate, just as the Republican Party continues to deteriorate, and the cause of these deteriorations is compromise on moral issues.

Kenneth W. Chancey


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