Letter: America's downfall

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Posted: Sunday, September 1, 2013 12:15 am

Christians fighting the acceptance of homosexual, transgender, bi-sexual and lesbian lifestyles in the past spelled out exactly what would happen to the practicing faith of Bible-believing Christians, much like what is happening today.

There is an attack today against Christianity, those Christians who believe that Jesus Christ is Lord, our Savior, our God and Creator. They also believe that the Bible is the undisputable word of God.

In response to articles in the Dothan Eagle and USA Today, it’s no surprise that the younger generation accepts a sexually perverted lifestyle, or it is inhuman to attempt to counsel the LBGT crowd on its confusion and being controlled by the god of this world that going against the will of our God.

It is also no surprise that individuals who call themselves Christians are accepting the “inter-faith” trend, stating that the LBGT lifestyle is normal and that God made them that way, that there are many ways to God and all religions are the same.

The Bible prophesies before the anti-Christ emerges on the scene and before the Lord’s return, there will be a falling away. There is a growing trend within the school curriculum to teach students how to be homosexuals, to change the sex you were born with and much more graphic to be put in this paper. If students feel uncomfortable about being in the shower, dressing room or bathroom with the opposite sex person who states they are a transgender, they will be punished or disciplined for hate and bullying.

But the biggest thing that will cause the judgment of God to be more widespread amongst the population is the complacency of Christians and their acceptance of issues that go against God, such as abortion, removing any reference of God/Jesus from public life, suppressing Christianity, accepting LBGT lifestyle as normal, calling what is good now evil and what was evil now good.

Johnny Oliver


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