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Letter: Carefully considering security - Dothan Eagle: News

Letter: Carefully considering security

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Posted: Sunday, May 5, 2013 12:15 am

Various proposals for deterring homeland terrorist attacks and mass shootings are being discussed. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg even remarked, "Our interpretation of the Constitution has to change" to increase homeland security. Consider proposals carefully.

First, does it unjustifiably increase control? Liberty is the absence of government due to self-imposed morality of an individual. Control is unjustified governmental intrusion into the life of a moral and law-abiding individual. Some argue technology can be effectively used by government. Consider that modern and future technology can allow more control never before available in human history

Is it consistent with fundamental Anglo-American jurisprudence that individuals are innocent until proven guilty? Consider Judge Blackstone's 250-year-old principle, "better that 10 guilty persons escape than that one innocent party suffer." Some proposals will essentially presume all are guilty and are proven innocent by collected, archived and retrieved data. How much should the innocent suffer, be burdened and monitored in the name of security?

Does it appeal to a collective mindset, where the individual is viewed as having a social duty to sacrifice -- privacy, firearms, rights -- to the collective society's perceived good? Consider "We, the People" is a group of individuals with unalienable rights granted by God and guaranteed from government abridgment by constitutions, "society" -- root word of socialism -- is a collective ruled by a capricious majority that grants and revokes privileges by present "need."

The sensible answer is holding politicians accountable to swiftly punish perpetrators and, more importantly, correcting the underlying and longstanding federal governmental policy failures that allow jihadists among us in the name of immigration openness and the mentally deranged on the street in the name of privacy rights.

Why give federal government more control over this and future American generations to supposedly solve problems largely of its own making?

G.B. Standifer


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