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Letter: Social agenda? - Dothan Eagle: News

Letter: Social agenda?

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Posted: Sunday, February 10, 2013 12:15 am

The American social agenda service is what the Army has been pushing for years. A lesbian was denied entrance to the Spouses Officer’s Club on Fort Bragg and because of pressure or perceived pressure from Fort Bragg, the club told the lesbian she could participate.

I understand the lesbian chose not to, after that. It was quite obvious Fort Bragg immediately set out to mend its image as a social partner amongst the bigger picture and voted her as the Spouse of the Year.

Just like the military immediately gave homosexuals and lesbians their own recognition month, as though perverted sex is something to give out accolades and aspire to. Now a chaplain, who is suppose to listen to and obey the word of God, presided over a same-sex commitment ceremony that had all the aspects of a wedding, except the chaplain didn’t say at the end I now pronounce you wife and wife or husband and husband. This is a clear example that the military is pushing for homosexuality and up to the point they may even cross the line, or at least get their big toe over it.

The military, like the current administration, will stretch the line when they decide on what benefits same-sex relationships will receive. Does the military offer the same to actual girlfriend and boyfriend relationships? No. Again, the Army is pushing a lifestyle on the rest of us.

LBGTS have federal crime laws that protect them more than they protect everyone else. Remember, there are federal laws that also protect transgender. How is the military going to react when that hard-core Infantry or Spec Ops First Sergeant or Command Sergeant Major decides one day he wants to be a female, then starts dressing like a woman, then presses the system in order to dress like a female soldier? Where does our spiraling down to the depths of Sodom and Gomorrah end? Pedophilia? Bestiality?

Johnny Oliver


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