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May 24, 2016
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Letter: Greed in Washington - Dothan Eagle: News

Letter: Greed in Washington

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Posted: Wednesday, March 6, 2013 12:15 am

One recent Friday night, Fox News’ Sean Hannity had a special called "Boomtown." It wasn't referring to a gold rush town in California, but in our nation's capital. As a gold town would do, they are spending our tax dollars like there is no tomorrow. Bills are voted on for lobbyists that are members of their own families. These drink the best wines and eat the most exotic foods and I don't have to say who is paying the credit card. You are paying and you don't get a single bite.

Shame on them, you say. These people have no shame. If they can spend the money of taxpayers who sweat at manual labor to pay their taxes with a family at home, squeezing every penny, I say there is no shame.

Hollywood can't hold a candle to D.C. Construction is on the rise along with everything else that goes with a healthy economy.

If our leaders don't wake up and smell the latte on their private jets, our country is going the same road as Rome when the rich had the same life style as in our blessed United States. God has blessed our country and now it seems greed and power are going to destroy it. I know it saddens God to see what he has blessed and that Congress and lobbyists have selfishly taken for themselves.

Pray that God does not judge America for the greed of our leaders -- and I do use that word loosely.

Carolyn H. Brown


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