I just wanted to take a few minutes and send a warm thanks to the staff at Jackson Hospital ER. I would gladly do it in person but my line of work often has me traveling to remote locations around the world. So hopefully this will suffice.

Recently my 89-year-old grandmother sustained injury which very well could have been fatal, I immediately telephoned the staff at Jackson ER to see if they had the resources to treat her. Although they did not at the time they still did a fantastic job of treating her pain and making her more comfortable while waiting on a flight crew from Niceville to transport her to TMH.

From years of working in emergency rooms and in pre-hospital care, I understand how the heavy workload can take its toll on a care provider and cause them to lose their patience. Not these guys. Tara, Rhonda, Paula, and Dr. Herring did a wonderful job triaging, caring for and eventually sending my grandmother on her way.

I do believe that at any other facility, with any other ER staff, my grandmother's underlying injury would have gone unnoticed until it may have been irreversible. So thank you so much for what you do and how you do it.

Keep up the great work.

Brandon D. Peacock

Tallahassee/formerly of Marianna

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