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Op-Ed Budget for Tuesday, July 9, 2019

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^Commentary: NAFTA's replacement needs to have its tires kicked<

^NAFTA-COMMENTARY:LA—<President Donald Trump would like to see the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement ratified without delay. It's a bit like a used car salesperson giving you 10 minutes to accept the deal of the century. You may want to look under the hood and test-drive the vehicle first.

USMCA is largely an updated and rebranded version of the North American Free Trade Agreement passed in 1993. That deal contributed to what the economist Joseph Stiglitz views as a defining national problem: "stagnant or declining wages at the bottom, an eviscerated middle class, and top wages that are soaring."

The central question now is, will the USMCA correct the flaws of NAFTA or lock them in for another quarter-century? Specifically, what impact will the new agreement have on U.S. jobs, wages and outsourcing to Mexico?

700 by Harley Shaiken. MOVED


^Commentary: British diplomat gets run over by the Brexit bus<

^USBRITAIN-COMMENTARY:BLO—<A few days ago, the U.K.'s former spy chief warned his country is going through a political nervous breakdown. The leak of confidential memos by Britain's ambassador to Washington about Donald Trump's administration only seems to make that official.

Thanks to the disclosure of two years' worth of cables by diplomat Kim Darroch, the U.S. president now knows that however thick the British laid it on during his state visit to London last month, one of their most senior and respected diplomats views his administration as "uniquely dysfunctional" and "inept."

That's awkward.

750 by Therese Raphael. MOVED


^Commentary: Call Uber and Lyft drivers what they are: employees<

^RIDESHARING-COMMENTARY:LA—<Uber and Lyft are mounting a full-court press to convince policymakers in California that their drivers should be classified as independent contractors and not employees. Uber's chief executive and Lyft's founders claim that the designation is critical for the companies. They recently argued "we can make independent work better if we update century-old employment laws." In other words, don't change our business model, just change the law.

As the former head of the federal agency that enforces some of those laws (which are nowhere near a century old), I understand the complexity of this issue.

950 by David Weil. MOVED


^Commentary: Setting quotas on women in the boardroom is probably unconstitutional. It also doesn't work<

^BOARDROOM-QUOTAS-COMMENTARY:LA—<California recently became the first state in the nation to require publicly traded companies to include women on their boards of directors. Now Illinois, New Jersey and Massachusetts appear poised to establish their own "woman quotas." While undoubtedly well-intentioned, these mandates are likely to be struck down in court. And that's a good thing.

850 by Anastasia Boden. MOVED


^Commentary: Fixing the food system<

^FOODSYSTEM-COMMENTARY:BZ—<In the U.S., we waste between 30% to 40%% of our entire food supply. That is equivalent to tossing out 133 billion pounds of food and pouring $161 billion down the drain annually. Additionally, it's an estimated 141 trillion calories lost per year, or 1,249 calories per person per day.

700 by Evan Lutz in Baltimore. MOVED



^Timothy L. O'Brien: Epstein arrest is a worry for Donald Trump<

^OBRIEN-COLUMN:BLO—<Trump has generally spoken about Epstein fondly to me and to others. "I've known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy," Trump told New York magazine in 2002. "He's a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side."

950 by Timothy L. O'Brien. MOVED


^Virginia Heffernan: Trump's Tank Day bored even his GOP courtiers<

^HEFFERNAN-COLUMN:LA—<Tanks might strike you as fierce and cool, or as nothing more than fetish objects for right-wing tweens and goggle-eyed "Armored Warfare" addicts. Either way, all Americans should agree: Tanks are singularly weird machinery for a Fourth of July pageant.

Muskets, gazebos, little Shriner cars, sure. But when it comes to Yankee Doodling around, brute machines of war are a downer — long considered too ugly, utilitarian, authoritarian and lethal for even our most jingoistic national holidays.

800 by Virginia Heffernan. MOVED


^Doyle McManus: Yes, she stuck it to Biden, but Harris' positions are tough to pin down<

^MCMANUS-COLUMN:LA—<Who is the real Kamala Harris?

The senator from California dominated the Democratic presidential debate when she excoriated Joe Biden for his opposition to mandatory busing to achieve school desegregation. Her poll ratings shot up; his sagged.

Then came the details. When reporters asked Harris if she supports federally mandated busing in 2019, she seemed to say no. Busing should be voluntary, a "tool that is in the toolbox" if school boards want to use it, she said last week.

"Absolutely right," Biden replied; that's his position too.

A consensus? Not so fast.

800 by Doyle McManus. MOVED


^John M. Crisp: Soccer stars should avoid normalizing the abnormal<

^CRISP-COLUMN:MCT—<The United States women's soccer team won the World Cup final on July 7 with a splendid shutout against the Netherlands. President Donald Trump said last week that he will fete the team in the White House, despite his annoyance with Megan Rapinoe, a star player who said in graphic and emphatic terms that she would not accept Trump's invitation.

I hope the whole team will decline, as well.

700 by John M. Crisp. MOVED


^Andres Oppenheimer: As Trump lashes out at trade partners, globalization goes on without the United States<

^OPPENHEIMER-COLUMN:MI—<There is a new global phenomenon that the U.S. media largely have ignored, but that may have a big impact in the future: Call it "globalization of the rest of the world," or "globalization without the United States."

800 by Andres Oppenheimer. MOVED


^Robert B. Reich: The old 'left' and 'right' labels have become obsolete<

^REICH-COLUMN:MCT—<I keep hearing that the Democratic Party has moved "left" and that some Democratic candidates may be "too far left."

But in this era of unprecedented concentration of wealth and political power at the top, I can't help wondering what it means to be "left."

800 by Robert B. Reich. MOVED

^Cal Thomas: Not a 'total loser'<

THOMAS-COLUMN:MCT — Rep. Justin Amash has left the Republican Party and will now represent Michigan's third congressional district as an Independent. In a Washington Post op-ed, he wrote: "I've become disenchanted with party politics and frightened by what I see from it. The two-party system has evolved into an existential threat to American principles and institutions."

Responding to Amash's announcement, President Trump called him "a total loser" who was unlikely to win a primary election next year against a Republican challenger.

No one is a total loser and some of Amash's concerns ought to be of interest to more of us.

750 by Cal Thomas in Plymouth Notch, Vermont. MOVED

^Carl Hiaasen: It's much too early to pay attention to the race for president<

^HIAASEN-COLUMN:MI—<More than 18 million sturdy American TV viewers tuned in to the Democratic presidential debate in Miami on June 27. It was a new record.

Another 15 million-plus watched the first round the night before. That's 33 million total viewers, not including the many millions more who followed the two events online.

The high ratings were a surprise, and lots of people are excited that the carnival presidency of Donald Trump seems to have energized voters at an unusually early stage of the campaign.

Meanwhile, some of those who deliberately didn't watch — or couldn't sit through — the debates have been made to feel slack in their patriotic duty.

Don't feel guilty. It's too much, too soon.

900 by Carl Hiaasen. MOVED



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^Editorial: Biden's right: He has an important message to Democrats about the path to victory in 2020<

^BIDEN-EDITORIAL:NY—<Biden's got a point, AOC.

The old white man vying for the Democratic nomination — not Bernie, the other one — has thrown cold water on the far-left phenom from Queens.

300 by Daily News Editorial Board. MOVED


^Editorial: Do Democrats want to score points or defeat Trump?<

^DEMS-2020-EDITORIAL:SJ—<As the Democratic presidential primary winnowing process begins, the candidates shouldn't forget the endgame: Defeating Donald Trump.

650 . MOVED


^Editorial: Medicare for all — or for all who need it?<

^HEALTHCARE-EDITORIAL:FL—<There can be many paths up a mountain. That's true even of some of the tallest peaks in our national political landscape — most prominently, health care. But not every route is necessarily a good one. What looks like the shortest may be too steep, stranding its followers where they started.

Medicare for All, a lodestar of the Democratic Party's most liberal presidential candidates, is one of those deceptively simple pathways. It would be the most effective, economical approach to universal coverage, which is what the national goal should be.

1150 . MOVED


^Editorial: He said it: Yet again, the Trump administration reveals the nefarious reason behind its pretexts for including a citizenship question on the Census<

^CENSUS-CITIZENSHIP-EDITORIAL:NY—<First, the Trump administration told courts, under oath, it only wanted to ask about citizenship status in the U.S. Census to aid enforcement of the Voting Rights Act.

250 . MOVED


^Editorial: Boom time: When the stock market does reflect the real economy<

^MARKETS-ECONOMY-EDITORIAL:TB—<It's often said that the stock market is not the real economy, meaning: Wall Street traders make educated guesses about the future, so don't read too much into this or that moment's results. Stocks bounce around. GDP numbers, hiring and other data better reflect the nation's health.

But if the stock market isn't the real economy, it's real life for tens of millions of Americans who have 401(k), IRA or other retirement savings.

550 by The Chicago Tribune Editorial Board. MOVED


^Editorial: Congress is threatening to make the next financial crisis worse<

^CONGRESS-BANKS-EDITORIAL:BLO—<More than a decade after the 2008 financial crisis, the U.S. is finally on the verge of adopting a much-needed reform designed to make the system more resilient.

Note to Congress: Please don't get in the way.

600 by The Editors. MOVED


^Editorial: California needs housing, but not in mountain lion country<

^CALIF-HOUSING-MOUNTAINLIONS-EDITORIAL:LA—<The mountain lions of Southern California — facing dangerous freeway traffic, lethal poisons in their prey and the continued encroachment of humans into their habitat — are threatened with extinction. The question now is how much we care and what we're willing to do, spend or sacrifice to protect them.

800 by The Times Editorial Board. MOVED


^Editorial: Do Democrats want to score points or defeat Trump?<

^DEMS-2020-EDITORIAL:SJ—<As the Democratic presidential primary winnowing process begins, the candidates shouldn't forget the endgame: Defeating Donald Trump.

650 . MOVED



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