U.S. Rep. Martha Roby, R-Montgomery, provided the following statement Thursday amid speculation that Congress may push an immigration reform proposal during this session:

“I am closely monitoring any developments in Congress relating to immigration policy. There’s no question our immigration system is broken and in need of reform, but it matters how we do it. What the Senate passed last year is unacceptable. It amounts to amnesty with no true enforcement mechanisms to secure the border.

“I’m against offering amnesty for illegal immigrants. I will oppose any attempt at reform that won’t truly secure the border. And, I will fight to ensure American taxpayers aren’t forced to pay for the addition of millions of illegal immigrants to the rolls of our assistance programs.

“Enacting bad immigration policy can threaten the livelihoods of American workers and make it harder for the unemployed to find jobs. Our primary focus should be working to improve our economy and jumpstart job growth so that American moms and dads can make ends meet.”

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