THE BALLAD OF BUSTER SCRUGGS. 3.5 stars. The Coen brothers wrote and directed this anthology of stories set in the Old West. James Franco and Liam Neeson star. 2 hrs. 12 R (violence, profanity) — Gary Thompson

BEAUTIFUL BOY. 2 stars. A father’s (Steve Carell) life is thrown into turmoil and despair by his son’s (Timothee Chalamet) drug addiction. 1 hr. 52 R (profanity) — Gary Thompson

BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY. 2.5 stars. Brian Singer directs this tame, cliched biopic on Freddy Mercury and Queen. With Rami Malek, Lucy Boynton and Gwilym Lee. 2 hrs. 15 PG-13 (suggestive material, profanity, drug content) — Dan DeLuca

BOY ERASED. 3 stars. A gay teen (Lucas Hedges) is outed to his religiously conservative parents (Russell Crowe, Nicole Kidman), who give him a life-altering ultimatum. 1 hr. 52 R (profanity) — Gary Thompson

CAN YOU EVER FORGIVE ME? 3.5 stars. Melissa McCarthy stars as a celebrity biographer who hatches a plot to stay relevant. 1 hr. 46 R (profanity, sexual references, drug use) — Gary Thompson

COLETTE. 2.5 stars. Evocative period drama and abbreviated biography of French writer Colette (Keira Knightley) who as a young woman wrote a series of sensational novels that her husband (Dominic West) published under his own name. Knightley is good, as usual, but the picture is disrupted a bit by West, who is so good at playing Colette’s scoundrel of a husband that you miss him when he’s gone. 1 hr. 51 R (sex) — Gary Thompson

THE FRONT RUNNER. 3 stars. Hugh Jackman stars at Gary Hart, the former senator and presidential candidate whose career came tumbling down when the media discovered his affair with Donna Rice. 1 hr. 52 R (profanity) — Gary Thompson

GREEN BOOK. 3.5 stars. A working-class bouncer bonds with an African-American classical pianist while they travel the South together during the early 1960s. 2 hrs. 10 PG-13 (profanity) — Gary Thompson

HALLOWEEN. 3 stars. Four decades after the original terrified and grossed out moviegoers, the franchise springs back to life with Jamie Lee Curtis back as Laurie Strose, the only survivor of Michael Myers’ first killing spree. 1 hr. 49 R (profanity, violence) — Nick Vadala

THE HATE U GIVE. 3 stars. Effective adaptation of the YA best-seller about a teen (Amandla Stenberg) who witnesses a police shooting, and must navigate the treacherous gap between the way the incident is viewed in her mostly white prep school, and the African American neighborhood where she lives. Strong cast (with Regina Hall, and Stenberg is excellent) and assured direction from George Tillman Jr., who handles several complex issues with thoughtfulness and skill. 2 hrs. 12 PG-13 (language) — Gary Thompson

INSTANT FAMILY. 2.5 stars. Rose Byrne and Mark Wahlberg star as a married couple who learn both the joys and pain of parenthood when they adopt three siblings. 1 hr. 57 PG-13 (profanity) — Gary Thompson

MID90S. 2.5 stars. Effective look at how group friendships work in adolescence set among a group of teen skateboarders in 1990s Los Angeles. 1 hr. 24 R (profanity, drug use, sexuality) — Gary Thompson

THE OUTLAW KING. 2 stars. Chris Pine stars as Robert the Bruce, the 14th-century Scottish king who led his army against the English. Picks up where “Braveheart” left off, but has less visceral impact than Mel Gibson’s earlier film. 2 hrs. 17 R (violence, profanity, sexual situations) — Gary Thompson

A PRIVATE WAR. 3 stars. Rosamond Pike stars as daring and selfless war correspondent Marie Colvin, who was killed in the line of duty while covering the Syrian civil war. 1 hr. 50 R (profanity, violence) — Gary Thompson

SUSPIRIA. 2 stars. A world-renowned dance company is at the center of a dark mystery. Dakota Johnson and Tilda Swinton star. 1 hr. 52 R (ritualistic violence, bloody images, graphic nudity, profanity, sexual references) — Gary Thompson

VENOM. 2 stars. Not much bite to this generic superhero movie about a TV journalist (Tom Hardy) investigating the secret experiments of a tech overlord (Riz Ahmed), and ends up infused with alien DNA that makes him go monster from time to time. Hardy and co-star Michelle Williams manage to get some laughs from the material, but the ending is another one of those dull CGI smackdowns, with the actors supplanted by animated versions of themselves. 1 hr. 52 PG-13 (language) — Gary Thompson

WIDOWS. 3 stars. Four Chicago women conspire to change their futures when they are all left in debt due to their late husbands’ criminal activities. Viola Davis and Liam Neeson star. 2 hrs. 08 R (violence) — Gary Thompson



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