Meadow Gold’s history

“Dothan: A Pictorial History,” published in 1984 by Wendell H. and Pamela Ann Stepp includes the following snapshot of what is still called by residents “the old Meadow Gold plant.”

“In 1909, J.W. Parkman established the Dothan Ice Cream Co. in the L.H. Moore Ice Plant. The ice plant was at the end of East Powell. The ice cream plant quickly became one of Dothan’s most thriving industries.

“The farmers in the area were pleased because they had an outlet where they could sell all the cream and milk they could produce. Everyone prospered, and the kids loved it (since they could buy two ice cream cones for a nickel). That first ice cream plant later became the Meadow Gold Supreme Dairy Products Co. at 100 W. Powell.”

After the book was published, beginning in the mid-1980s, the plant began to slow many of its operations, and in the early 1990s, Meadow Gold closed. The building has been vacant for several years.

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