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Faculty and staff at the ECTC welcomed students and helped them navigate the College Street facilities on their first day. 

It’s been three years since College Street Elementary School had students to walk its halls, but Tuesday morning, the facility was officially reborn as the Enterprise Career Technical Center and welcomed Enterprise High School students to explore their brand new class spaces.

ECTC Principal Leigh Shiver said that excitement was the overall mood amongst faculty and staff Tuesday morning.

“We’re so excited to be able to get the students over here,” Shiver said. “I think the students are excited too. This gives them a chance to do something different, get off campus. Once they get into these programs, they get so interested and they want to make it a career goal a lot of the time, and this allows them a chance for career exploration and to experience different things before actually going into the workforce or college. We’re excited for that.”

According to Shiver, one of the many benefits of the new Career Tech Center facility is the space it allows students and educators to utilize.

“They’ll have more space here – simulated lab space, like in our health science program, where they can go in and do labs, and our engineering department has space where they can work on their robots in the VEX space,” Shiver said. “That gives us more room for the robotics and the labs and the health science, because our athletic trainers will have their own lab space, and there’s a mock hospital room with hospital beds, so that gives them more of a clinical setting. There’s collaborative space we can use for computer science and education training has its own teacher work room, so we can just spread out. We’re excited about graphic art and the new print shop; they have a huge area in the back, and we’ve turned the kitchen area into a print shop and the lunch room into their lab. We’re just excited about being able to expand these programs and give them more work space.”

Though the ECTC exists on a separate campus than EHS, students won’t have an issue accessing the new facility thanks to student parking and continuous bus routes between the two facilities.

“Students will be bused here or they can drive,” Shiver explained. “If they have a parking permit to park on campus at Enterprise High School, they will be allowed to park on this campus; there’s a grassy lot here where they can park. We’ll also run buses all day with pickup times and departure times. The first week transport will be by bus only, but starting next week, they’ll be able to drive.”

Shiver added that the career tech center will be beneficial for more than just Enterprise High School students – New Brockton students will also be able to utilize the facilities.

“We have students coming from New Brockton too – that’s another exciting thing. Those students will be bused during third block time,” Shiver said.

The Enterprise Career Technical Center offers classes and training in graphic arts, plumbing and electrical, education and training, computer science, information technology, STEM, health science, and dual enrollment EMT classes with ESCC. Additionally, the facility offers a college and career center with its own career tech counselor and coach to best help students prepare for the future.

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