Flight school

United Research Services (URS) Instructor Pilot Bill Gray led a question and answer session for attendees, demonstrating how airplanes get their lift during his remarks.

As part of its summer reading initiative, “A Universe of Stories,” the Enterprise Public Library held a kid-friendly “flight school” class Thursday morning to get aspiring aviators excited about flight and reading.

United Research Services (URS) Instructor Pilot Bill Gray conducted the informational portion of flight school, asking children questions about their knowledge of flight and the various types of aircraft used to take to the skies. After awarding honorary “wings” to some students, Gray advised his class to “always listen to mom and dad” and “keep reading” in order to become pilots someday, as library books read during his youth were what got him interested in becoming a pilot.

Gray’s class concluded with a question and answer session, following which aspiring aviators split off into groups to try their hand at constructing paper airplanes, assembling foam gliders, flying paper helicopters, or sending paper plate “UFOs” hurtling through space.

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