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Exciting changes are on the horizon for Enterprise High School Athletics.

During the Enterprise City Schools Board of Education’s regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, the board discussed two business items related to Enterprise High School’s new track and field and tennis complex.

First, Superintendent Greg Faught approached the board with a suggestion for the name of the new tennis complex, which was inspired by a recent and generous contribution from the Sessions Company.

“We’ve been given the opportunity to build a state of the art tennis complex at Enterprise High School that would consist of eight courts. Small problem though -- where they need to go, we ran out of real estate,” Faught said. “A major factor in our ability to have a complex of that size is due to Sessions Company graciously offering to donate a parcel of land to the Enterprise Board of Education.”

Faught suggested naming the complex after L.H. Sessions, one of the founders of the Sessions Company, due to his many contributions to the City of Enterprise.

“I want to take this opportunity to introduce or reintroduce you to a man named L.H. Sessions; he was one of the founders of Sessions Company and at one time he was referred to as ‘Mr. Enterprise’ here in town because of his many contributions to our city,” Faught said. “There’s a long list of things he’s done, but some of the ones that were impressive to me besides founding a company that’s still around all this time after and still flourishing and helping our community… Mr. Sessions was a city councilman and he actually spearheaded the very first road-paving project here in our town. It’s hard to imagine this town just being dirt roads, but it was that way at one point in time, so he was probably a futuristic kind of guy to start paving roads. He was a deacon of his church for 24 or more years, and this is amazing to me: he was a school board member for 40 years here. Even more amazing, he was the chairman (of the board) for 25 years. In appreciation of the generous gift from Sessions Company, I would like to make the recommendation that the new tennis complex at Enterprise High School be named after Mr. L.H. Sessions.”

Faught also introduced Larry Milliner of Sessions Company, whom he said was instrumental in the agreement between Sessions Company and the Enterprise Board of Education. Milliner thanked the board for paying homage to both Sessions Company and L.H. Sessions, stating that L.H. Sessions was vital to Enterprise’s economy during the Boll Weevil days.

“Back when the Boll Weevil took the cotton out, he was the person that took the farmers to Virginia to obtain peanut seeds to bring back here for them to plant so they could pay back their notes at the bank,” Milliner said of L.H. Sessions. “There used to be a hall at the old high school named for him before it got torn up. We appreciate this as a company, for remembering him for being a great man to us.”

The board approved the name suggestion for the complex and voted to enter into an agreement with Sessions Company to transfer the deed for the property to Enterprise City Schools.

The board also heard a recommendation from Faught regarding bids for the construction of the new complex.

“Part of our capital plan has been to add a track and field as well as a tennis complex to our athletic facilities at the high school; through Goodwyn, Mills & Cawood, we recently let bids for the construction of these projects,” Faught said. “The lowest bid came from Sports Turf Company Incorporated, doing business as Sports Track Company. The original bid was a little over $1.3 million dollars -- $1,313,243. However, we wanted to value engineer that because we felt that was higher than we needed to go with that particular project. After deductions were made for the color of the track and the changes to the underground storm drainage system, we were able to save $58,909. The color of the track will change, but the track surface will not -- it’ll still be the same state of the art surface, it’ll just happen to be a different color; it’ll be black.”

The board voted to honor Faught’s recommendation and award the bid to the Sports Turf Company for $1,254,334 as the contractor’s negotiated bid price for the project.

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