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During Wednesday’s meeting of the Enterprise Water Works Board, Field Superintendent Alan Mahan gave an update regarding non-revenued water loss in the city of Enterprise.

As of last month’s update, Enterprise was about 60 million gallons down from its April 2018 estimate of 169 million gallons lost, indicating a 35.12 percent cut in water loss. This month, Mahan said the numbers are higher than he’d like to see, but the city is still decreasing water loss compared to last year’s numbers.

“At this same point last year, we had water loss of 214 million; this year, it’s right now at 181 million, which is right at 33, 34 million gallons less. May was pretty high on the unrevenued water,” Mahan said. “But we’re still looking better than we were last year.”

According to Mahan, the reason May’s unrevenued water figures are higher may have something to do with “billing versus reading.”

“When you’re reading versus billing, sometimes that water is captured on the next billing -- even though you pumped it this month, it’s captured on the next month on the billing, so it gets confusing sometimes,” Mahan said. “I looked at the numbers last month versus this month, and my Cycle 2 billing had just come out, so I looked at it, and we’re almost double water sales as last month. It was 55 million gallons on Cycle 2 last month; this month, it’s going to be about 90 million gallons, and that’s just on one cycle -- we’ve got two billing cycles. It looks like those numbers are going to get better, reading versus capturing the water. We read in the middle of the month, so if you remember, the drought hit us the last few weeks and was from the middle to the end of May. That will be captured in June’s readings, and we may have a negative percentage loss coming up next month, and that will help with this.”

Though numbers aren’t exactly where he’d like them, Mahan said that overall, the update is positive.

“If you look at the total average last year this same time, it was 17.97 percent loss,” Mahan said. “This year it’s at 15.12 percent loss. We’re still over, but right now we’re saving 15.61 percent more than what we were. Those numbers look a little worse than they were. Our goal is 50 percent less, so I’m hoping that’ll get better before the end of the fiscal year.”

Other business:

* The board signed a resolution for the relocation of water utilities on Highway 167 North relating to a proposed five-lane project from the Alabama Department of Transportation. The board had previously voted to give Mayor Bill Cooper authorization to execute the agreement and the resolution is merely a formality according to City of Enterprise Consulting Engineer Glenn Morgan.

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