Capital plan includes synthetic turf, baseball complex

Enterprise City Schools Superintendent Greg Faught addresses the school board regarding the FY 2020 capital plan.

An Enterprise City Schools Board of Education approved plan includes synthetic turf at Wildcat Stadium and the proposed baseball/softball complex.

ECS Superintendent Greg Faught went over the plan with board members on Tuesday.

“I want to remind you that this plan can be changed as needed, but we need to submit a copy of it board-approved to our State Department of Education,” he said.

He covered five items on the plan -- the new track and field complex at Enterprise High School, a new roof at Harrand Creek Elementary and repairs to Dauphin Junior High School and Rucker Boulevard Elementary School, HVAC replacement at Dauphin Junior High School, a new baseball and softball field at EHS and synthetic turf for the football field.

“I’ve mentioned before that we spend in excess of $100,000 a year on that field keeping it ready and safe for our students and our athletes,” Faught said. “We feel like installing the synthetic turf will actually be a money saver over time.”

He said the project cost is estimated at $800,000, and synthetic turf can last a decade.

“You can get anywhere from 10-12 years play out of it before it has to be replaced,” Faught said. “We’d like to bid that out at some point. Typically, people who do the baseball and softball complexes also do the turf, so we may be able to get a better deal if we bid those out together.”  

As of right now, estimates on a new baseball and softball complex at EHS are at $3.6 million mostly due to site prep totaling nearly $2 million.

Some residents could perhaps help with that issue.

“One of the things driving the cost up so high for that site is the actual site prep work,” Faught said. “We were talking with our consultants. What has been done in the past (is) if we have people who are interested and who are qualified to be a part of the project, I would like to be able to try to plan and organize a community service project. People who are involved in construction (could) maybe help do some things with that site (and) help us keep the cost down as much as we can. We may be reaching out to some of you to see if you’re interested in helping out with that. We’ll have to see how the bids come in (which) will help us plan.”

Regarding the school repairs, Faught said the price tag could be anywhere from $400,000 to $820,000, and the HVAC replacement at Dauphin High School could be delayed a year or two in favor of another solution.

The track and field complex, which is expected to be completed in October, is only part of the capital plan because it extends into the new fiscal year (October), Faught said.

Board members approved the plan.

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