Coffee County Schools Superintendent Kevin Killingsworth welcomed guests to the appreciation lunch and thanked the represented groups for their contributions to the school system.

The Coffee County Schools Central Office and Board of Education welcomed bus drivers, guests and supporters of the school system for an appreciation lunch on Thursday, Feb. 14.

Attendees were treated to homemade barbeque and sides while they enjoyed fellowship with board members, school system staff, and other attendees.

Superintendent Kevin Killingsworth addressed the crowd before lunch was served, thanking the school board and Central Office staff for their efforts.

“We want to give a special thanks to our board members for allowing us to do the things we do in Coffee County each day. It takes a lot of effort by a lot of people, and our board members make that a lot easier on us by doing the things they do,” Killingsworth said. “And (the staff) do an outstanding job each and every day. The hardest thing they have to do is put up with me -- that’s the worst thing they have to do -- but they do a good job of it with a smile on their face most of the time. They’re a special group and they do a great job of keeping me in line and helping our school system run very smoothly. We appreciate their efforts.”

Killingsworth also thanked guests for their assistance in making Coffee County schools successful.

“We have a lot of partners in Coffee County schools that help make our school system run smoothly and make it a great system,” Killingsworth said. “From the transport of our students to the safety of our students each and every day to the operation of our schools -- it’s a great task each and every day to keep each and every school up and running. From the internet to the electricity to the water to the doors being locked… there’s always an issue each and every day, always something that goes on. Our partners help us educate our students, look after the safety and welfare of our students, and we want to say thank you for that -- that’s what this day is about. I appreciate everybody in this room. In some way, in some aspect, you help us each and every day -- I know I call on you a lot of the time. I want to know what’s going on so I can make good decisions about our system, about our kids.”

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