Among the items Coffee County Board of Education consideration in the coming months will be new classrooms and possible future stadium upgrades to accommodate growth.

Superintendent Kevin Killingsworth said he has met with State Department Education officials, investment bankers and architects regarding funding and plans for capital projects at county schools. He said a work session is likely to be held in late October where he can present “preliminary numbers and plans” regarding bonds and construction.

“I can have some of these preliminary numbers as far as the bonds and preliminary numbers and plans for (the board) to look at going forward with the building of classrooms at both New Brockton Elementary School and New Brockton High School,” Killingsworth said. “We’re still in the initial stages of that, but I still would like to keep all board members updated. I also met with a state building inspector for our district about the plans for additional classrooms at NBES. He has 42 years as a state building inspector for this district…and I hope to have some presentations for board members hopefully at the work session.”

Upcoming discussions will continue as enrollment numbers at NBES continue to grow each week.

“The first few weeks before school and the first week of school, it was on the rise,” Killingsworth said. “It kind of leveled off to two or three a week, but last week I think we enrolled at least eight more students at New Brockton Elementary School. In that work session, I’d like to discuss going ahead -- sometime by the end of the year -- and getting some more modular or portable classrooms at NBES no matter what we decide to do capital projects-wise.

“We have to do that to be able to accommodate all our new students that we’re getting at New Brockton Elementary School.”

Killingsworth said three to five more classrooms will be needed at NBES.

He also said football stadiums and improvements would need to be discussed.

“I know that we’ve got some lighting issues in some of them and in some of them we have seating issues that I would also like to look at going forward -- since we’re getting into the issuance of these bonds -- to update some of our stadiums,” he said. “(It would be) to make sure we can accommodate all the growth that we have, again, especially at New Brockton. When those elementary grades come to the high school, we’re going to increase, of course, our enrollment and therefore every two years when they go through doing all their classifying (work) as far as what classification (a school is in) that will change. I’d like to try to stay ahead of the game by going ahead and looking at possibly doing something with that going forward.”

Killingsworth said he will continue trying to “gain all the possible information he could possibly gain in talking to the experts” and present it to the board.

In other business, Coffee County Board of Education recently approved the employment of Helena Johnson-Spikes as a bus driver for New Brockton Schools and a leave extension for Betty Winburn, bus driver for New Brockton Schools, through Nov. 2.

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