At last Thursday night’s regularly scheduled meeting of the Coffee County Board of Education, Superintendent Kevin Killingworth reported that the school system had a made a record number of new hires.

“We had our new employee institute last week on (July 24), and I believe Donna (Hataway, superintendent’s secretary) has been here probably as long as anybody and she said that’s the most by far we’ve ever had,” Killingsworth said. “I think we had 46 new employees. That’s the most ever. I think normally we have in the mid to high 20s. (These are the ones) that were hired from about the first of the year, after December, until tonight.”

According to Killingsworth, the new employees came in part due to growth inside the system.

“Our system is growing, therefore we had a need for a lot of new personnel -- both certified and classified,” he said. “We have had a very, very busy summer and got a lot accomplished in a short amount of time. We’re excited about the school year starting. (There are) a lot of things that are unknown, but we will go forward working together making sure we do the best we can for the students of Coffee County Schools.”

One of the relative unknowns coming soon is the enrollment outlook for New Brockton Elementary School and New Brockton High School.

Earlier this year, board members issued a call for parents of students to fill out a pre-registration application before the end of last school year. At the time, Killingworth said it would help get an accurate idea of the number of students attending New Brockton Schools in the 2019-20 school year.

The request came about after Enterprise City Schools implemented tuition fees for students outside the city limits, which caused of a surge of more than 100 new students to attend New Brockton Schools last year.

“Only the future can tell what’s going to happen with our enrollment at New Brockton,” Killingsworth said last Thursday. “We have a good plan set up for the first day of school to enroll students here at the central office from New Brockton Elementary School and the high school. That will help with the congestion at both our schools, so we have a good plan (in place). There’s no way of knowing how many students until we get to that day.”

The first day of school is Aug. 7. Teacher institute day was Aug. 2.

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