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Conley’s Keichu-Do Academy of Martial Arts students.

Conley’s Keichu-Do Academy of Martial Arts competed at the 40th Annual Southern Region Open Karate Tournament in Dothan with 10 students on Nov. 2. The results were remarkable, having eight out of the 10 competitors winning a 1st place trophy in their final tournament for 2019.

The Keichu Warriors competed in four competitions this year and all the results were excellent. The winnings at the Civic Center started off in the women black belt division 18-34, with Danai Coleman placing 1st in both forms and weapons and in the executive women black belt division age 43 and up, Rodelyn Mullins placed 1st in both forms and weapons.

In the junior black-belt division, age 12-14, Jace Himes placed first in fighting, second in weapons and fourth in forms. All the black belts did a great job. In the under-black-belt division, the winnings started in the brown-belt division, ages 13-14, with Layton Smith placing second in forms and first in both fighting and weapons. In the junior girl’s division, ages 13-14 intermediate, Lila Haddix placed first in both forms and weapons, and third in fighting.

In the beginners division ages 13-14, Landon Smith placed first in forms. In the beginners division age 9-10, Lennon Chandler placed first in forms, while in the same division, Levi Helms a Keichu-Do Warrior from the Encore Fine Arts Studio in Geneva, placed third in forms. Lucy Frilot from Geneva placed first in forms in the 6 and younger age group, all belts.

The Warrior’s will start off year 2020 at the 21st annual IKC Challenge at Columbus, Georgia, in February.

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