Saundra Covington, left, and daughter Shekaunna McCauley with their book, 


A mother-daughter duo from Enterprise recently released a book in an effort, they say, to speak out and encourage people to have a voice in the face of such horrors as domestic violence and sexual assault.

In their book, “Concealed: Under the Microscope of Disguise,” Saundra Covington and daughter Shekaunnna McCauley deliver their personal testimony of experiencing alleged molestation and abuse.

“The book is our testimony as mother and daughter,” Covington said. “It’s about our triumphs of overcoming abuse and molestation. (We) just felt compelled to give other young women and young men a voice.”

On Saturday, Dec. 7, from 6:30-10 p.m., the pair will hold a book signing at Cabin Events in Enterprise. Books are $13. There will also be food.

Books can also be found on Amazon.

Covington said it was a long process to move from journaling about her experiences to getting the book published.

“It took me five years to journal about it and took two years to get it printed, written and formatted,” Covington said. “There was a lot of (us) encouraging each other, a lot of transparency, a lot of truth. (We also wanted) to find a publisher (we felt) we could be ourselves with that would convey the book the way we wanted it to be told. We put our hearts and minds and tears and prayers — everything — together, and we did it. I’m so proud that we did.”

McCauley said she wanted to write the book in order to “speak and help ... thousands of other girls or anybody getting hurt.”

“It really brought us close as mother and daughter, as friends, as each other’s confidant and each other’s prayer warriors,” Covington said. “The process was hard. It was embarrassing. It was hurtful, but we made it. We’re strong, we’re standing and we’re survivors.”

Covington said she wants people who read the book to feel like they can do the same.

“(I want them to say) that helped me have a voice, or (it helped) this sister, this aunt, this cousin or this young man to have a voice to get them out of a situation they thought they couldn’t get out of,” Covington said. “I just want this book to be able to help somebody to get a voice, because there is help out there and there are support systems.”

According to McCauley, readers can hopefully learn to live without fear after finishing the book.

“I want them to be able to live their life to the fullest but still be protected as well,” McCauley said. “As much as this book has changed our lives, we hope that it changes your life.”

“Being quiet is part of the problem,” Covington said. “So get a voice.”

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