The Enterprise Water Works Board on Wednesday heard an update from Field Superintendent Alan Mahan concerning water loss numbers.

“In July of fiscal year 2018, (we had) about 15% of unrevenued water loss,” Mahan said. “In July of this year, it’s dropped to 1.85%. We went from 28 million last year to 3.4 million this year.”

By month, Mahan said average water loss is 11.63% compared to 16.64% last year. In total gallons, that would translate to 17 million and 25 million, respectively.

“Our goal continues to be 50% cuts this year,” said Mahan. “We’re at about 33.48% this year. I’m anticipating that August is going to be a pretty good month. We’ve been able to capture all the high usage water this time around. We see how all this goes and hopefully they’ll continue to come down and (we’ll) reach our goal.”

He added that a lot of water was sold in July -- up 22 million gallons.

In other business, City Clerk/Treasurer Bob Dean updated the finances for the Water Works Board.

“We’re 83.33% percent into the (fiscal year 2019) budget, and looking at revenues we finally got ourselves where we projected,” Dean said. “We’re actually currently above the projected revenue (by $99,000) as of right now. We are currently at $36,910 below projected expenses. As of July 31, the water fund is at $252,259.”

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