Marriage licenses:

The following is a list of marriage licenses issued in Enterprise between June 10 and June 14, 2019:

Kiara Jerssia Blanks, Chadai Alexis McCray, 6/10/19

Barbara Ann Brown, Patrick Gerard McMahon, 6/10/19

Sharon Sason, Wendell Walford Grouby Jr., 6/10/19

Charley Eugene Toole, Cassandra Lee Crowe, 6/10/19

Mary Elizabeth Gibson, Jaime Jimenez-Diaz, 6/10/19

Amy Lynnette Hoy, Eward Felice Lafauci, 6/12/19

Kristin Leighann Rivera, Richard Everett Lemay IV, 6/12/19

William Ryan Dennis, Tracy Lynn Jones, 6/12/19

Emma Leigh Cardinal, Jackson Briggs Darling, 6/3/19

Daphne Inzer Lee, Bryan Alan Corr Jr., 6/14/19

Roger Darrell Kilpatrick, Leslie Denise Shankle, 6/14/19

Jackson Seth Commander, Amanda Jo Vaughan, 6/14/19

Business licenses:

The following is a listing of business licenses issued in Enterprise between June 10 and June 14, 2019:

Barkers Construction, LLC, out of town, Contractor

CV Enterprises, 205 Sonya Drive, Miscellaneous Personal Service

Davis Isom Drywall & Accoustical, out of town, Contractor

Hayes Painting Services, Inc., out of town, Contractor

Massage Therapy by Kelsey, 128 S. Main Street, Massage Therapist

Nathan H. Carter, MD., 400 N. Edwards Street, Physician

Schnitzer Southeast, LLC, out of town, Waste Management

Southern Electrical Services, out of town, Electrical Contractors

Wiregrass Media Domain Name Sale, 202 Inglewood Drive, Professional

Real Estate transfers:

The following is a listing of real estate transfers issued in Enterprise between June 10 and June 14, 2019:

William T. Platt, Trinity Bank, $201,000, Valley Hills Subdivision, 8th Addition, Block F, Lot 5, 6/10/19

Emmanuel Nwala, Envoy Mortgage LTD., $102,150, Courtyard Townhome Community, Block A, Lot 4, 6/10/19

Jeannie M. Hopkins, Mortgage Research Center LLC, $108,000, Forest Park Subdivision, Block E, Lot 1, 6/10/19

Joshua K. Ballew, USAA Federal Savings Bank, $334,341, Cotton Creek Plantation, Phase 1, Lot A-7, 6/10/19

Kaitlin Nicole Strickland, Renasant Bank, $113,000, Corner Subdivision, Block B, Lot 1, 6/10/19

Peter Sean Herring, Envoy Mortgage LTD., $417,400, 33/4N/22E, 6/11/19

Lance R. Steward, Ameris, $268,758, Sommer Brooke Subdivision, Phase III, Block C, Lot 8, 6/11/19

Jacqueline Nannette Cameron, First National Bank of Hartford, $20,195.80, 8/4N/22E, 6/11/19

Kevin L. Satcher, Navy Federal Credit Union, $84,784, Dunwoody Subdivision, Phase II, Re-plat, Block A, Lot 31, 6/12/19

Virginia Stewart, Regions Bank, $45,000, 4/3N/22E, 6/13/19

Quincy Adam Wells, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp., $151,515, Hildreth and Morgan, 1st Addition, Block A, Lot 3, /13/19

Cody A. Collier, Navy Federal Credit Union, $81,720, Foxchase Subdivision, Phase 1, Block A, Lot 2, 6/14/19

David A. Culler, Mortgage Research Center LLC, $268,000, Gateway Estates III, Lot 108, 6/14/19

Mitchell Brady, USAA Federal Savings Bank, $327,461, Landing, Block B, Lot 5, 6/14/19

David Terry Rolapp, Mortgage Research Center LLC, $158,332, Scottdale Heights, 2nd Addition, Block F, Lot 3, 7, 6/14/19

Deslie U. Lawrence, Reliant Bank, $130,150, Shell Heights, 2nd Addition, Block A, Lot 14, 6/14/19

Sherry B. Byrd, Regions Bank, $119,090, Woodland Park Subdivision, Phase 1, Block A, Lot 74, 6/14/19

Yasmin Anja Graulau, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp., $63,600, Griffin heights Subdivision, Block B, Lot 9, 6/14/19

David Jonathan Southall, First Federal Bank of Kansas City, $242,755, Huntington Ridge Subdivision, Phase 1, Lot 34, 6/14/19

John P. Romanello, USAA Federal Savings Bank, $294,405, Legacy Farms, Phase V, Block M, Lot 3, 6/14/19

Stuart B. Mitchell, Envoy Mortgage LTD., $173,565, Clubview Estates, Phase IV, Block A, Lot 12, 6/14/19

Matthew Jeffers, Hometown Lenders Inc., $184,594, Valley Stream Gardens Subdivision, Block B, Lot 2, 6/14/19

Paul Michael Morse, USAA Federal Savings Bank, $60,000, Valley Hills Subdivision, 11th Addition, Block H, Lot 1, 6/14/19

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