Marriage licenses:The following is a list of marriage licenses issued in Enterprise between Nov. 25 and Nov. 29, 2019:

Matthre Thomas Walters, Katherine Devon Clarke, 11/25/19.

Trevor Logan Strickland, Brianna Morgan Lindsey, 11/26/19.

Daniel Scott Colgate, Kylie Marie Beisel, 11/27/19.

Business licenses:

The following is a listing of business licenses issued in Enterprise between Nov. 25 and Nov. 29, 2019:

Advantage Elecator Inspections, out of town, Professional.

Cook’s Home Repair, out of town, Contractor

Hertz Rent A Car Licensee, 818 N. Ouida Street, Rental and Leasing.

Michael Storm, 103 Britt Drive, Special Events

Premium Petals, out of town, Landscaping.

River’s Bend Creations, 105 Chapelwood Drive, Retail

Real Estate transfers:

The following is a listing of real estate transfers issued in Enterprise between Nov. 25 and Nov. 29, 2019:

Thomas P. McBride, Caliber Home Lenders, $252,300, $252,300, Legacy Farms Subdivision, Phase II, Block D, Lot 8, 11/25/19.

Richard Winston Dorris, Mortgage Research Center, $304,000, Legacy Farms, Phase V, Block M, Lot 6, 11/25/19.

Kevin Marko, Navy Federal Credit Union, $132,275, Wakefield Subdivision, Block B, Lot 19, 11/25/19.

Johnnie Favor, Freedom Mortgage Corp., $370,000, The Legends Subdivision, Phase II, Block H, Lot 6, 11/25/19.

Tri-Build Investments LLC, Citizens Bank, $308,000, The Landing, Block B, Lot 2, 11/25/19

Williams Auto Parts LLC, Troy Bank and Trust Company, $189,071.40, Campbell Commercial Park, Block A, Lot 5, 11/25/19.

Gary G. Calhoun, Troy Bank and Trust Company, $58,435, Cottage Hills, 1st Addition, Block B, Lot 8, 11/25/19.

Jerry Paul Venable, Mortgage Research Center, $54,400, Quail Hollow Subdivision, Phase III, Block A, Lot 17, 11/25/19.

Richie Davis, Envoy Mortgage, $339,857, Cotton Creek Plantation, Phase 1, Lot 2, Lot 3, 11/25/19.

Steve R. Nagy, Synovus Bank, $256,000, Valley Hills, 11th Addition, Block F, Lot 10, Lot 11, 11/26/19.

Emily Shae Helms, 21st Mortgage Corporation, $105,600.03, 6/3N/21E, 11/26/19.

Caylee Ann Strickland, Renasant Bank, $132,000, 26/5N/21E, 27/5N/21E, 11/26/19.

Ashlea Elizabeth Brooks, Envoy Mortgage, $155,138, Valley Stream Subdivision, 2nd Addition, Block D, Lot 14, 11/26/19.

Murl L. Helms, Wells Fargo Bank N.A., $143,419, Windover, Phase I, Block J, Lot 1, 11/26/19.

Hillary E. Palmer, Mortgage Research Center LLC, $142,373, Clovermeade Subdivision Resubdivision, Block A, Lot 6, Lot 7, 11/26/19.

Casey A. Dry, Mortgage Research Center LLC, $166,829, Cottage Hills, 1st Addition, Block B, Lot 8, 11/26/19.

Dale Lawrence Chase, Guaranteed Rate Inc., $196,224, Brookwood Subdivision, Block D, Lot 2, 11/26/19.

Brad Snellgrove, River Bank & Trust, $33,811.70, 25/5N/21E, 11/26/19.

Randall Logan Carter II, Envoy Mortgage, $70,000, Wakefield Subdivision, Block A, Lot 2, 11/26/19.

Cindy L. Waters, Carrington Mortgage Services LLC, $108,000, Wynnfield Place Subdivision, Block D, Lot 3, 11/26/19.

Zachary Barnes, Waterstone Mortgage Corp., $167,475, Gateway Estates III, Lot 16, 11/26/19.

Jonathan Zavier Floresmedina, Mortgage Research Center LLC, $226,743, Azalea Commons, Phase I, Block C, Lot 8, 11/27/19.

James H. Cunningham, Housing & Urban Development, $27,697.81, 31/5N/22E, 11/27/19.

Foss Lifetime Investment, Troy Bank and Trust Company, $139,003.43, Valley Hills Subdivision, 6th Addition, Block E, Lot 25, 11/27/19.

Karen D. Hernandez, Mortgage Research Center LLC, $209,407, Bellwood Road Subdivision, Block A, Lot 12, 11/27/19.

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