Marriage licenses:

The following is a list of marriage licenses issued in Enterprise between June 17 and June 21, 2019:

Traci Michele Pickett, Samuel Lorance Waggoner, 6/17/19

Hanna Jade Strickland, Taylor Anthony Johnson, 6/17/19

Andrew Blake Revels, Lauren Nicole Reeves, 6/17/19

Alex McCreary Ward, Allison Nicole Yant, 6/1/19

Peter Timothy Lakoff, Jenna Emily O’Rielly, 6/18/19

Megan Alexa Ford, Christopher Thomas Barbaree, 6/18/19

Ivan Herrera, Raven Jane Cowan, 6/19/19

Duffy Scott Keeton, Lori Marie Carroll, 6/19/19

Dustin Keith Bennett, Nestlei Chantel Dizon Baccay, 6/20/19

Michael Wayne Teeter Jr., Emily Taylor Lawson, 6/21/19

Graham Thomas Barefoot, Kayla Leah Myers, 6/21/19

Jeremy Rufus Davis, Kasee Tamecia Herrington, 6/21/19

Pedro Miguel Gonzalez, Amelia Vera Mendez, 6/21/19

Jordan David Backes, Leslie Lorraine Hudgins, 6/21/19

Business licenses:

The following is a listing of business licenses issued in Enterprise between June 17 and June 21, 2019:

2nd Chance Bonding, 1079 Geneva Highway Suite E, Bail Bond Agency

Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health, out of town, Retail

Bottom To Top Home Services, out of town, Contractor

Creative Construction Services, out of town, contractor

Deal on Wheels, 1214 Rucker Boulevard, Automotive

Emerald Coast Landscaping Inc., out of town, Landscaping,

High Tide Technologies, LLC, out of town, Miscellaneous Business

JBrooks Construction LLC, out of town, Electrical Contractors

Macro Mama Meals, LLC, out of town, Restaurant

Marshall Johnson Construction, 285 Country Road 541, Contractor

One Man in A Van Auto Detail, 14 Overlook Drive, Car Wash

Payson Polygraph Services, LLC, out of town, Professional

Simply Fixed, 110 Stoneridge Road, Contractor

Terrell Enterprise, Inc., out of town, Transportation

Zee Company, Inc., out of town, Retail

Real Estate transfers:

The following is a listing of real estate transfers issued in Enterprise between June 17 and June 21, 2019:

Stephen T. Place, All In Credit Union, $157,000, Mayberry Place, Phase II, Block B, Lot 45, 6/17/19

Winiford Phillips, Carrington Mortgage Services LLC, $166,642, Mayberry Place, Phase I, Block C, Lot 1, 6/17/19

Teryan G. Clark, Quicken Loans Inc., $155,677, Morgan Subdivision, 3rd Addition, Block G, Lot 5, 6/17/19

Andrew W. Fuller, Mortgage Research Center LLC, $295,500, Birchwood Subdivision, Block A, Lot 19, 6/17/19

Jason J. Sargent, Mortgage Research Center LLC, $237,590, Shell Landing Subdivision, Phase III, Block E, Lot 3, 6/17/19

Hannah Alison Lindley, Envoy Mortgage LTD, $98,188, Pinehurst Subdivision, 2nd Addition, Block E, Lot 1, 6/17/19

B&K Developers LLC, Grantham’s Marital Trust, $30,000, Cotton Creek, Phase I-EC, Block A, Lot 5, 6/17/19

David P. Lowman II, Freedom Mortgage Corp., $142,312, Regency Heights Subdivision, 7th Addition, Block D, Lot 1, 6/17/19

Marisol Hennessey, Southern Fidelity Mortgage LLC, $255,290, Stonechase Subdivision, Phase II, Block C, Lot 26, 6/17/19

Roxanne Dunn Parrish, Envoy Mortgage LTD., $116,161, Jordyn Place Replat, Block A, Lot 15, 6/17/19

Frank P. Odierno Jr., State Bank and Trust Company, $189,000, Stonechase Subdivision, Phase II, Bock e, Lot 1, 6/17/19

Kenneth W. Villagomez, Mortgage Research Center LLC, $319,006, 19/5N/22E, 6/18/19

Mark Turner, North American Savings Bank, $190,072, Olivers Lake Subdivision, Phase I, Block C, Lot 18, 6/18/19

Chad E. Brant, Mortgage Research Center LLC, $115,000, Fairfield Estates, Phase 4, Block F, Lot 2, 6/18/19

Shawn Leland Jones, Alabama AG Credit FLCA, $48,800, 16/3N/22E, 6/18/19

Philip A. Smitley, Quicken Loans Inc., $95,250, Indian Lakes Subdivision, 2nd Addition, Block F, Lot 4, 6/18/19

Luke C. Anderson, Envoy Mortgage LTD, $138,280, Legacy Farms Subdivision, Phase 1, Block C, Lot 13, 6/18/19

Javier Gonzalez Roman, Envoy Mortgage LTD, $88,369, Forest Park Subdivision, Block C, Lot 5, 6/18/19

Cody Shane Holland, All In Credit Union, $40,000, 15/4N/21E, 6/19/19

Taylor Mitchell Thomas, All In Credit Union, $38,000, 15/4N/21E, 6/19/19

Ramsey Schwoebel, All In Credit Union, $60,000, Foxhill Commons Subdivision, Block B, Lot 5, 6/19/19

Ronald R. Zuber, Mortgage Research Center LLC, $400,287, 36/4N/21E, 6/19/19

Jared E. Slack, Churchill Mortgage Corp., $138,800, Valley Stream Subdivision, 3rd Addition, Block F, Lot 2, 6/19/19

A&B Construction and Renovations LLC, State Bank & Trust Company, $78,230, 9/4N/22E, 6/19/19

John Griggs & Associates, PeoplesSouth Bank, $260,000, Legacy Farms, Phase V, Block A, Lot 36, 6/19/19

Gerritt S. Schellin, Navy Federal Credit Union, $291,127, Valley Hills Subdivision, 9th Addition, Block D, Lot 9, 6/19/19

Joshua Lee Arnold, Mortgage Research Center LLC, $143,010, Hampton Place Subdivision, Phase I, Lot 1, 6/19/19

Leon E. White, Envoy Mortgage LTD, $105,061, Omni Subdivision, 1st Addition, Block E, Lot 1, 6/19/19

Sabrina B. Simmons, Housing & Urban Development, $26,125.18, Highland Terrace Replat, Block D, Lot 11, Lot 12, 6/20/19

Mary V. Cooper, Trinity Bank, $42,500, 3/4N/21E, 6/20/19

Lynn G. Zorn Jr., First South Farm Credit, $1,600, 15/4N/21E, 6/20/19

Penny L. Jacobs, New Penn Financial, $176,739, Shell Landing Subdivision, Phase I, Block B, Lot 5, 6/21/19

David Newell, Wells Fargo Bank N.A., $54,000, Shell Landing Subdivision, Phase I, Block C, Lot 5, 6/21/19

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