Marriage licenses:

The following is a list of marriage licenses issued in Enterprise between Sept. 16 and Sept. 20, 2019:

Brian Timothy Morris, Madalyn Sarah Hyunchong Chong Moses, 9/16/19

Joseph Emmett Gahn IV, Brenda Kay Hartford, 9/16/19

Robert Clay Lewis, Brenda Smith Andress, 9/17/19

Francis Gaudette, Amy T. Buzzetti Reynolds, 9/17/19

Gavin Drew Carwile, Johnnie Kaitlyn Hurt, 9/18/19

Jerry Reese Hutcheson, Lisa Ann Williams, 9/20/19

Christian Alexander Johnson, Hailey Marie Dalrymple, 9/20/19

Nicholas James Delnero, Joanne Marie Santos, 9/20/19

Lindsey Faith Nelson, Matthew Aaron Wallace, 9/20/19

John-Mark Daniel Baker, Emily Lane Harrelson, 9/20/19

Business licenses:

The following is a listing of business licenses issued in Enterprise between Sept. 16 and Sept. 20, 2019:

Acoustical Specialist, Inc., out of town, Contractor

B & B Land Services, 800 County Road 305, Elba, Contractor

Brand Mortgage Group, LLC, 116 S. Main Street, Suite 202, Financial Institutions

Cards By Em, 116 Weeks Street #2, Special Events

Jackie Jones Consulting, 207 Windover Way, Personal Service

Keiser Logistics, LLC, 144 Boll Weevil Circle, Transportation

Living Leaf Corp., 807 Morgan Lane, Retail

Milo’s Used Tires, 611 Bellwood Road, Automotive

Precision-Med Biomedical Solutions, 258 County Road 72, Chancellor, Electronic Equipment Repair

The Potter’s Hand Photography, 103 E. Kingswood Drive, Photographer

Real Estate transfers:

The following is a listing of real estate transfers issued in Enterprise between Sept. 16 and Sept. 20, 2019:

Paul T. Quier, Envoy Mortgage LTD, $235,000, Legacy Farms, Phase II, Block F, Lot 4, 9/16/19

Joseph Carl Peroni, Mortgage Research Center LLC, $153,497, Harrand Creek Estates, 7th Addition, Block E, Lot 10, 9/16/19

Toney L. Neal, Alabama Housing Finance, $30,000, Pine Hills Subdivision, Block G, Lot 4, 9/16/19

Edward Smith, USAA Federal Savings Bank, $204,534, Valley Stream Subdivision, 4th Addition, Block G, Lot 15, 9/16/19

Eric Aviles, Envoy Mortgage LTD, $181,009, Mayberry Place, Phase II, Block F, Lot 14, 9/16/19

Kathleen N. Carver, Mortgage Research Center LLC, $135,000, Southern Winds Subdivision, Phase 1, Block C, Lot 16, 9/16/19

Chantae B. Langhorst, U.S. Bank National Association, $70,000, Foxchase Subdivision, Phase II, Block A, Lot 37, Lot 28, 9/16/19

James A. Dobbs, Trinity Bank, $175,920, Country Club Meadows, Phase 1, Block A, Lot 4, 9/16/19

Darren Maye, The Heritage Bank, $646,900, 16/4N/22E, 9/17/19

Andrea Hickman, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp., $159,065, 3/3N/21E, 9/17/19

Vann W. Neal, Mortgage Research Center LLC, $272,201, Turtleback Subdivision, Block B, Lot 7, 9/17/19

Andrews N. Barranco, Envoy Mortgage LTD, $108,080, Fox Hill Subdivision, Block C, Lot 13, 9/17/19

Ethel D. Simmons, Regions Bank, $100,000, Gateway Estates, Block A, Lot 13, 9/17/19

Pete Kelley Builders LLC, Trinity Bank, $365,500, 13/5N/21E, 9/17/19

Billy Cotter Construction, Trinity Bank, $142,400, Woodland Park, Phase III, Block A, Lot 17, 9/17/19

James L. Window, Quicken Loans Inc., $292,500, Oak Ridge Forest, Phase II, Lot 60, 9/18/19

John Griggs & Associates, PeoplesSouth Bank, $257,500, Ridge at Stephens Farm, Phase III, Block A, Lot 6, 9/19/19

John Griggs & Associates, PeoplesSouth Bank, $153,750, Ridge at Stephens Farm, Phase III, Block A, Lot 7-1, 9/19/1

Triple Net Holdings LLC, The Evangeline Bank & Trust, $50,000,000.00, 15/4N/22E, 9/19/19

Nathan Smith, Caliber Home Loans, $269,300, Valley Hills Subdivision, 9th Addition, Block F, Lot 2, 9/19/19

Sandra C. Griffin, AmeriHome Mortgage Company, $98,000, Windover Subdivision, Phase VI, Block B, Lot 9, 9/19/19

Elmer E. McNutt, USAA Federal Savings Bank, $230,000, 28/3N/21E, 9/19/19

Pete Kelley Builders LLC, Trinity Bank, $244,000, Birchwood Subdivision, Block A, Lot 9, 9/19/19

Chad Robert Heusdens, Envoy Mortgage LTD, $257,217, Sommer Brooke Subdivision, Phase I, Block A, Lot 11, 9/20/19

Joshua Robbins, Center State Bank N.A., $195,000, 1/3N/22E, 9/20/19

Richard A. Deobler, All in Credit Union, $72,800, Wakefield Subdivision, Lot 13, 9/20/19

Jason M. Newell, Bank of America, $175,000, Shell Landing Subdivision, Phase I, Block C, Lot 3, 9/20/19

Michael R. Pouncey, Wells Fargo Bank N.A., $249,800, Sommer Brooke Subdivision, Phase II, Block C, Lot 4, 9/20/19

Lynn Gantt, Simmons Bank, $139,020, Scottdale Heights, 2nd Addition, Block E, Lot 10, 9/20/19

William O Prettyman III, Navy Federal Credit Union, $499,837, 36/4N/21E, 9/20/19

Emily Erin Baugus, Mortgage Research Center LLC, $126,155, Wakefield Subdivision, Block B, Lot 2, 9/2/19

Nestor Garcia, Regions Bank, $161,000, Meadows, Lot 2, 9/20/19

Richard James Bigelow, Mortgage Research Center LLC, $245,000, 23/3N/21E, 9/20/19

Stephanie N. Ziglar, Mortgage Research Center LLC, $156,120, Regency Heights Subdivision, 5th Addition, Block A, Lot 17, 9/20/19

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