Marriage licenses:

The following is a list of marriage licenses issued in Enterprise between Aug. 5 and Aug. 9, 2019:

Dean Thomas Johnson, Emily Woods Prehoda, 8/7/19

Grover Danny Garrett, Juliet Aban German, 8/8/19

Won Marquis Gray, Marquita Danielle Burks, 8/8/19

Maria Cristina Jahn, Matthew Lee Ammons, 8/8/19

Angelika Jutta Bradberry, Roy D. Bradberry, 8/9/19

Hilexis Latrice McEachin, Joshua Kutrayl Diggs, 8/9/19

Business licenses:

The following is a listing of business licenses issued in Enterprise between Aug. 5 and Aug. 9, 2019:

A-Less Storage LLC, 217 Apache Drive, Warehouse

Fuel Systems LLC, out of town, Contractor

GO Digital with Donnia, out of town, Professional

Hudson Company, out of town, Contractor

Love It Again Home Services, 804 East Park Avenue, Contractor

Marshall Design-Build LLC, out of town, Contractor

Simply Southern out of town, Special Events

Real Estate transfers:

The following is a listing of real estate transfers issued in Enterprise between Aug. 5 and Aug. 9, 2019:

Ned R. Batchelor, Quicken Loans, $281,271, Legacy Farms, Phase IV, Block A, Lot 19, 8/5/19

Paul Hutto Construction, State Bank & Trust Company, $272,107.30, Legacy Farms, Phase V, Block K, Lot 1, 8/5/19

Robert L. Karsteter, Fifth Third Bank, $113,050.00, Forest Park Subdivision, 6th Addition, Block G, Lot 20, 8/5/19

Jerry E. Byrd, State Bank & Trust Company, $159,812.65, 13/5N/21E, 8/5/19

Christopher J. Heiniger, Envoy Mortgage LTD, $253,085, Huntington Ridge Subdivision, Phase II, Block C, Lot 31, 8/5/19

Blue 8 LLC, Palm Springs Lakes Properties, $31,000, 15/4N/22E, 8/5/19

Joseph H. Peeples IV, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp., $382,280, 36/5N/21E, 8/6/19

Brett N. Horner, Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, $364,650, 14/3N/20E, 8/6/19

John David Thomas, Wells Fargo Bank N.A., $40,000, Windsor Trace, Phase II, Lot 74, 8/6/19

Billy Cotter, State Bank & Trust Company, $54,671, Woodland Park Subdivision, Phase 1, Block A, Lot 78, 8/6/19

Stacie Foster, Hometown Lenders, $98,697, Fox Hill Subdivision, Block E, Lot 4, 8/6/19

Robin Green, Synovus Mortgage Corp., $340,316, Cotton Creek Plantation, Phase 1, Lot A-10, 8/6/19

James F. Ocheske, InteLinc Mortgage Services LLC, $259,000, Huntington Ridge, Phase 1, Lot 4, 8/6/19

Dennis James Vaughn, Mortgage Research Center, $162,000, Tartan Pines Gold Community, Phase II, Block G, Lot 30, 8/6/19

Justin W. Howell, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp., $341,165, Bridlewood Manor Subdivision, Phase 1, Lot 9, 8/6/19

Wayne P. Forziati, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp., $125,000, Valley Stream Subdivision, 9th Addition, Block C, Lot 13, 8/6/19

Dylan Blunt, Mortgage Research Center, $289,561, Curington Farms Subdivision, Phase 1, Block A, Lot 1, 8/7/19

Gary J. Latona, InterLinc Mortgage Services LLC, $295,438, Cold Water Subdivision, Lot 24, 8/7/19

Shelley May Chess, CB&S Bank, $87,675, Deerfield Park Subdivision, 5th Addition, Block E, Lot 16, 8/7/19

Bobby J. Tharpe, Quicken Loans Inc., $114,998, Idlewood Subdivision, Block A, Lot 5, 8/7/19

Phyllis J. Owens, Regions Bank, $91,885, Pine Forest Subdivision, Block A, Lot 7, 8/7/19

Brent A. Howell, Citizens Bank, $244,000, 19/5N/22E, 19/5N/22E, 8/7/19

Joseph Matthew Reed, USAA Federal Savings Bank, $226,595, Valley Stream, 7th Addition, Block G, Lot 13, 8/8/19

Patrick J. Ryan, Guaranteed Rate, $75,050, Sandy Oak Estates, Block A, Lot 13, 8/8/19

Denise Flowers, Navy Federal Credit Union, $350,000, Legends Subdivision, Block B, Lot 9, 8/8/19

Steven Payne, Loan, $169,499, Valley Stream Subdivision, Block A, Lot 4, 8/8/19

Gwendolyn Gilley Construction, The Samson Banking Company, $151,000, Valley Streams Garden Subdivision, Block B, Lot 5, 8/8/19

John L. Hancock, Ditech Financial LLC, $587,500, Gateway Estate III, Lot 34-36, 8/8/19

James A. Simmons, Homebridge Financial Services Inc., $147,745, Shell Heights, 1st Addition, Block E, Lot 1, 8/8/19

Misty Whitworth, Troy Bank & Trust, $227,272, Valley Chase Subdivision, Block A, Lot 16, 8/9/19

M&S Construction, Trinity Bank, $250,750, Cotton Creek Plantation, Phase VI, Block E, Lot 21, 8/9/19

Gunderson Investment Properties LLC, Navy Federal Credit Union, $487,500, Hampton Place Subdivision, Phase 1, Lot 14, 8/9/19

Michael Robert Blewett, USAA Federal Savings Bank, $160,375, Rex Forehand, Lot 18, 19, 8/9/19

David Vazquez Quinones, Envoy Mortgage LTD., $151,182, Regency Heights Subdivision, 2nd Addition, Block D, Lot 9, 8/9/19

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