Marriage licenses:The following is a list of marriage licenses issued in Enterprise between Dec. 2 and Dec. 6, 2019:

Logan Kyle Jester, Katelyn Marie Cheshire, 12/02/19.

Dustin John Reed, Sarah James Fondren, 12/04/19.

Steven Owen Shanks, Marcia Miller Corbett, 12/5/19.

James Matthew Brunson, Chelsa Lynn Shreve, 12/5/19.

Stephanie Samantha Ruiz, Dontae Rashad Gibson, 12/6/19.

Business licenses:The following is a listing of business licenses issued in Enterprise between Dec. 2 and Dec. 6, 2019:

A&R Cons, out of town, Special Events.

A+ Maintenance Services, out of town, Contractor

Aljona Black, 5 North Pointe Parkway, Suite B, Professional.

Chrysalis Counseling, LLC, 1311 Rucker Boulevard, Therapist.

Cindy Mathis, 3090 County Road 156, Retail.

Jelly Moon, out of town, Special Events.

Marble & Granite Works LLC, out of town, Contractor.

McNamara Concessions, out of town, Special Events.

Needmore Heart, out of town, Special Events.

Sixtel Bottle and Growler House, 111 S. Conner Street, Special Event.

WTVY, ETVY, GTVY, WRGX, out of town, Broadcasting.

Real Estate transfers:The following is a listing of real estate transfers issued in Enterprise between Dec. 2 and Dec. 6, 2019:

James C. Stockton, Navy Federal Credit Union, $380,000, Oak Ridge Forest Subdivision, Phase IV, Lot 101, 12/2/19.

Wendell L. Ammons, Renasant Bank, $258,825, Stonechase Subdivision, Phase II, Block C, Lot 23, 12/2/19.

Sara D. Bellon, Navy Federal Credit Union, $84,000, Eagle Landing Townhomes, Block A, Lot 12, 12/2/19.

Kelli Dian Singell, Envoy Mortgage, $108,007, Brown Subdivision, 1st Addition, Block F, Lot6, 12/2/19.

Patrick Marler, Citizens Bank, $190,000, 2/3N/21E, 12/2/19.

Heath G. Jones, All in Credit Union, $137,800, 15/4N/22E, 12/2/19.

Pedro Garcia, Navy Federal Credit Union, $197,529, Stonechase Subdivision, Phase 1, Block A, Lot 6, 12/3/19.

Christopher Latin, Homeside Financial LLC, $212,000, Gateway Estates III, Lot 67, 12/3/19.

John Griggs & Associates, PeoplesSouth Bank, $295,000, Wynnfield Place, Block B, Lot 1, 12/3/19.

Richard Hernadez, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp., $109,971, Windover, Phase I, Block J, Lot 3, 12/3/19.

Nakeisha Reid Neal, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp., $147,070, Green Acres Subdivision, Block A, Lot 8, 12/3/19.

Micha Ladair Sanders, River Bank and Trust, $307,500, 6/4N/21E, 12/3/19.

Jesse Weaver James, All in Credit Union, $40,000, Bellwood Road Subdivision, Block B, Lot 10, 12/4/19.

Kyle T. Stiffler, Quicken Loans Inc., $199,492, Valley Hills Subdivision, 15th Addition, Block E, Lot 19, 12/4/19.

Bryan R. Schwind, Quicken Loans Inc., $200,000, Olivers Lake Subdivision, Phase II, Block F, Lot 10, 12/4/19.

Jeremy R. Nagy, All in Credit Union, $50,000, Valley Chase Subdivision, Block D, Lot 32, 12/4/19.

Joshua T. Seay, Penny Mac Loan Services LLC, $165,322, Mayberry Place Subdivision, Phase II, Block B, Lot 37, 12/5/19.

NKR Investments LLC, River Bank & Trust, $236,966, Stonechase Subdivision, Phase II, Block B, Lot 17, 12/5/19.

Robert C. Velasco, Mortgage Research Center LLC, $90,758, Dunwoody Subdivision, Phase 1, Replat, Block B, Lot 3, 12/5/19.

Edward L. Williams, Mortgage Research Center LLC, $284,075, Honeysuckle Hills Subdivision, Block E, Lot 1, 12/5/19.

William Nicholas Turner, Synovus Bank, $960,000, Indigo Place, Lot 3, 12/6/19.

Kenneth J. Melton, Guaranteed Rate Inc., $242,755, Alpha Heights, 2nd Addition, Block D, Lot 2, 12/6/19.

Norman Riley Construction, State Bank & Trust Company, $286,450, 26/5N/21E, 12/6/19.

Kyoungsoui Mun, Prime Home Loans, $250,000, Legends Subdivision, Block B, Lot 20, 12/6/11.

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