Marriage Licenses

The following is a list of marriage licenses issued in Enterprise between March 9 and March 13:

Donald Ray Purifoy and Charmagne Muyna Cortez, 03/09/2020.

Sophia Louise Rubini and Patrick John Edmunds, 03/09/2020.

Karen Barrett and Timothy Kornegay, 03/10/2020.

Brian Gregory Bowman and Camryn Laborte, 03/10/2020.

Ryan Matthew Robles and Kadrah Wren Pais, 03/10/2020.

Tony Lee Gibson, Jr. and Brooke Mary Davies, 03/11/2020.

Noah Scott Thomas and Alexa Nicole Ferguson, 03/12/2020.

Brian Declan Owen O’Connon and Evyn Elizabeth White, 03/13/2020.

Nicholas Aaron Bryant and Karen Fay Kinman, 03/13/2020.

Van Crawford Motley and Kaylor Dayne Hataway, 03/13/2020.

Mindy Lashawna Johnson and Brandon Andrew Payne, 03/13/2020.

Montreal Shares Roberson and Eddie Mach Kelly, 03/13/2020.

Real Estate Transfers

The following is a list of real estate transfers issued in Enterprise between March 9 and March 13:

Erlyn J. Cueto, Mers Inc., $234,267, Southern Winds Subdivision, Phase 1, Block C, Lot 15.

Craig S. Harnois, Mers Inc., $276,927, Oak Ridge Forest Subdivision, Phase IX, Lot 172.

Steve Buratti, Mers Inc., $190,106, Martin Heights Subdivision, 5th Addition, Block B, Lot 4.

Jonathan F. Vogl, Mers Inc., $223,200, Sommer Brooke Subdivision, Phase II, Block D, Lot 10.

Timothy Smail, Mers Inc., $415,400, Bridlewood Manor, Phase II, Lot 2.

Pedro A. De Oliveira, Mers Inc., $100,000, Regency Meadows Subdivision, Phase II, Block A, Lot 12.

Christopher M. Johansen, Mers Inc., $105,000, Forest Park Subdivision, 4th Addition, Block C, Lot 7.

Wolfgang Schreiner, Figure Lending LLC, $25,785, 22/5N/21E.

Joseph A. Baril, Jr., Mers Inc., $211,000, Dupree Pointe Subdivision, Lot 16.

Diana C. Anderson, Mers Inc., $134,400, Hampton Place Subdivision, Phase 2, Lot 39.

Eric R. Fox, Mers Inc., $322,000, Legacy Farms, Phase V, Block K, Lot 1.

Kristopher Lassiter, Mers Inc., $225,834, 17/4N/22E.

John R. Scott, All In Credit Union, $94,700, Regency Meadows Subdivision, Block G, Lot 16.

Gwendolyn Gilley Construction, Samson Banking Company Inc., $122,000, Shell Heights Subdivision, 6th Addition, Block B, Lot 14.

Edgard M. Zapata, Wells Fargo Bank N A, $219,693, Brookwood Subdivision, Block C, Lot 12.

Gregory M. Sawka, Mers Inc., $162,274, Oak Ridge Forest Subdivision, Lot 41.

Austin Atwell, Mers Inc., $181,991. Valley Streams Garden Subdivision, Block D, Lot 13.

David P. Lowman, II, Mers Inc., $142,653, Regency Heights, 7th Addition, Block D, Lot 1.

Clayton M. Wilks, Mers Inc., $263,000, 17/3N/22E.

John Griggs & Associates, Peoplesouth Bank, $215,000, Legacy Farms, Phase V, Block K, Lot 14.

Robert E. Smith, Mers Inc., $445,000, 13/5N/21E.

Robert Fielder, Mers Inc., $420,000, Turtleback Subdivision, Block C, Lot 1.

Natasha Tillis, Mers Inc., $267,676, Keystone Subdivision, Phase I, Block A, Lot 16.

Chad Minks, Citizens Bank, $400,000. 26/4N/21E.

Elizabeth M. Taylor, Mers Inc., $160,884, Valley Hills Subdivision, 8th Addition, Block G, Lot 5.

Jacobb D. Robinson, Mers Inc., $152,475, Gateway II, Block A, Lot 10.

Kira Thomas, Mers Inc., $243,712, Legacy Farms, Phase III, Block G, Lot 11.

Ashton Parrish, State Bank & Trust Company, $243,600, Lakes Subdivision, Block B, Lot 9.

Thomas E. Nelms, Mers Inc., $286,713, Sommer Brooke Subdivision, Phase III, Block F, Lot 6.

Booker T. Doster, Mers Inc., $238,300, Brookwood Subdivision, Block H, Lot 17.

Robert E. Lacey, River Bank & Trust, $340,000, 26/5N/22E.

Michael A. Jerkins, Troy Bank and Trust Company, $175,000, 16/5N/21E.

James A. Chiaramonte, BBVA USA, $51,652, Green Acres Subdivision, Block A, Lot 6.

Preston B. Coons, Mers Inc., $54,750, Foxhill Commons Subdivision, Block A, Lot 13.

HEER Properties LLC, River Bank & Trust, $66,300, Brabham Corner, 2nd Replat, Block A, Lot 1.

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