Former players Lee, Arrington visit Quarterback Club

Doug Lee, left, and Greg Arrington spoke at Enterprise Quarterback Club last Friday about their time as former players.

Enterprise Quarterback Club last Friday received a visit from two former players who spoke about their time at Enterprise High School.

Doug Lee and Greg Arrington came from Daleville to be Wildcats under legendary coach Bill Bacon.

Lee talked about some of his own experiences and how they differ from today’s football.

“I wish some of the players today were here, because I would like to tell them what a difference it was (between) then and now,” Lee said. “The practice field was about like practicing in the parking lot. It was hard as a rock and there were rocks and pebbles on it.”

He also mentioned how there were differences in equipment between starters and backups and, if you were a starter, you got the best equipment.

There was also the ultimate conditioning test -- the 6-minute mile.

“When we came back from summer we had to run a 6-minute mile, and the big boys had to run a (6-minute, 30-second) mile -- four laps around that stadium,” he said. “Everybody had to do it. If you didn’t run a 6-minute mile, you had to be back the next day to run a 6-minute mile and every day until you did.”

Both Lee and Arrington were complimentary of the program and how it helped them grow as people.

“For us leaving from Daleville to Enterprise, I just want ya’ll to know it’s the best thing we ever did,” Arrington said. “Enterprise -- it’s different, and I’m saying different in a good way. There’s a lot of pride. There’s a lot in this town that you don’t see in other towns. We learned from Coach Bacon to play as a team.

“That’s why we have to back these boys now. I know we’re running through some tough times but we just have to stay behind them, and it’s going to get better.”

Only one meeting of the Enterprise Quarterback Club remains this season on Oct. 25 at 11:45 a.m. at PoFolks.

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