HighPointe Church should be allowed to tap in to the city’s sewer system after council members heard an update from Consulting Engineer Glenn Morgan.

“They expressed an interest (around August of last year) in doing away with their own septic system and tying into the city’s system,” Morgan said. “The best approach with how to do that required crossing the bypass. In order to do that, it requires a Department of Transportation permit to cross the bypass by it being on DOT right of way. The DOT requires that anything inside the right of way be city maintained.”

Morgan said the DOT would require the permit be filed in the city’s name.

According to Morgan, city personnel reviewed plans and made recommendations to the church’s engineer on how to best go about completing the project.

“The church’s engineer put the permit together,” Morgan said. “Last time (we met), it wasn’t real clear as to whether the church could go ahead and tie in or not, but by having this permit I guess it brings it back to the table for us.”

HighPointe Church would be responsible for all construction. After tapping in to the city’s sewer system, the church would begin paying regular rates and the city would assume responsibility of all constructed portions inside DOT right of way.

Council members agreed they were fine with the arrangements.

City attorney Rainer Cotter said it might be wise to draft a small agreement between the church and city.

“It’s a permit, but it’s also technically not in the city limits, which you have the authority to do,” Cotter said. “It might be something you might would want to bless, so if something comes up in the future.”

Councilman Perry Vickers said he agreed with the project because the “city is not moving anything” and “what we have is already there.”

The city will inspect any work that is done.

Council members were first approached last year by HighPointe Church officials asking to tap city sewer. Some members of the council expressed a desire to have the church annex inside the city limits before work was done.

Morgan, at the time, recommended the church hire its own engineer for the project to “work out a plan that works best for the church.”

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