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Circuit Judge Sonny Reagan on Tuesday issued a permanent injunction barring Kountry Kennel Doggie Boarding and Daycare owner Donna Lindgren from further operations in the city of Enterprise.

According to the order, Lindgren is restrained “from engaging in any animal/dog kennel business and boarding operations” or “from soliciting or accepting any dogs or animals for boarding or any other purposes.”

Reagan issued the order at Lindgren’s preliminary hearing at the Coffee County Courthouse, where Lindgren was not present.

The hearing was related to a temporary restraining order placed on Kountry Kennel last week and its business license. It was unrelated to any criminal charges Lindgren is facing.

Lindgren was arrested on May 17 on charges of second-degree cruelty to animals after Enterprise Police Department investigation determined animals were housed in unsanitary conditions.

Attorney Rainer Cotter, who represented the city of Enterprise, told the court at the hearing that Lindgren on May 31 had filed a motion stating she did not intend to do further business.

“I do not plan to do business as Kountry Kennel now or in the future,” she states in the motion. “I am not pleading guilty to anything; I am just saying I am no longer in business by choice. My family has suffered enough. My life has been threatened and my (family), and I am willing to stop it now.”

Reagan said the hearing would continue despite the motion because the court has a duty to determine a finding of fault.

EPD Sgt. Anthony Phillips, who was part of EPD’s investigation of Kountry Kennel, was called to testify before the court.

Phillips said the EPD executed a search warrant at the property, which resides in police jurisdiction.

“We found the residence itself was in the front and the kennel area was in the back,” Phillips said. “We first went and inspected the kennel. It appeared it had been cleaned rather recently and we saw some cleaning supplies -- a pressure washer -- and there were a few dogs in there.”

According to Phillips, a city of Enterprise garbage can was located near the kennel. Inside the trash can was matted dog hair, carpet, pieces of broken kennels and dog feces “from the bottom to the top.”

Phillips told the court the house was in a worse condition than the kennel.

“The house was just disgusting,” Phillips said. “There were approximately 25 to 30 dogs inside the house. We noticed several large dogs kenneled in really small kennels. There were some dogs kenneled where they were covered in urine. There was a minor child that lived there and there was dog feces on his bed -- it was to the point we contacted (the Department of Human Resources) to come because we didn’t feel it was proper living conditions for humans.”

Phillips said there was a German shepherd that was “extremely malnourished” and taken to a veterinarian for treatment.

Cotter asked if the animal had improved since, and Phillips confirmed it had.

Cotter than asked Phillips, based on the investigation, whether he felt Lindgren being allowed to operate her business would affect the safety and health of the public and the public’s animals.

“I absolutely do,” Phillips said.

Lindgren’s criminal proceedings are still pending.

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