On the Shelves

(As of June 29)

The following are popular new releases available at the Enterprise Public Library:

» “Stranger in the Lake” (F) by Kimberly Belle

» “A Question of Power” (NF) by Robert Bryce

» “The Baby Feeding Book” (NF) by Vanessa Christie

» “500 Miles from You” (F) by Jenny Colgan

» “Fair Warning” (CD) by Michael Connelly

» “Wrath of Poseidon” (F) by Clive Cussler

» “The Goodbye Man” (LP) by Jeffery Deaver

» “A Week at the Shore” (LP) by Barbara Delinsky

» “The Hardest Job in the World” (NF) by John Dickerson

» “Magnolia Table” (NF) by Joanna Gaines

» “The Politics Industry” (NF) by Katherine M. Gehl

» “The Lies That Bind” (F/LP) by Emily Giffin

» “28 Summers” (F) by Elin Hilderbrand

» “Boys of Alabama” (F) by Genevieve Hudson

» “Credible Threat” (LP) by J.A. Jance

» “Riviera Gold” (F) by Laurie R. King

» “Why We’re Polarized” (NF) by Ezra Klein

» “The Lincoln Conspiracy” (NF) by Brad Meltzer

» “Your Battles belong to the Lord” (NF) by Joyce Meyer

» “The Button” (NF) by William J. Perry

» “Crisis on the Border” (NF) by Matt C. Pinsker

» “Hideaway” (LP) by Nora Roberts

» “The Pleasure Gap” (NF) by Katherine Rowland

» “War Fever” (NF) by Randy Roberts

» “Cry Havoc” (NF) by Michael Signer

» “All Adults Here” (F) by Emma Straub

» “The Complete Guide to CBD” (NF) by Craig Tomashoff

» “Bombshell” (LP) by Stuart Woods

» “The End of October” (F) by Lawrence Wright

» “The Distant Dead” (F) by Heather Young

If you have a current membership card and would like to reserve a book, call the Enterprise Public Library at 347-2636 or request your ID number from the staff at the library’s circulation desk. You can also reserve library items through the online catalog at www.enterpriselibrary.org.


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