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Judge Jodee Thompson presented a sample of the supplies and signs that will be provided to each of the 29 polling locations in Coffee County during the runoff election on July 14.

The Coffee County Probate Office has revealed the key components to its safety protocol to protect poll workers and voters in the upcoming runoff election on July 14.

After thorough research into Covid-19, how it is spread and how to best prevent the spread, Coffee County Probate Judge Jodee Thompson and her team submitted a safety plan to the state, which has been approved. Her recommendations involve the use of social distancing and protective equipment as well as routine sanitization of common areas and objects.

“The staff and I went through and researched and tried to learn what we can about Covid to protect our poll workers and our voters,” Thompson said. “We have masks, gloves, face shields, cleaning supplies, extra pens and extra stylus pens. We also have hand sanitizing stations at the entryways for the public to use.”

While poll workers will be protected by the provided supplies, she also encouraged voters who choose to submit their ballot in person to come prepared with their own protective equipment to help further ensure everyone’s safety.

“I am going to suggest that everyone wears a mask and gloves, and we also encourage people to send in absentee votes,” she said. “We want everyone to have their day and feel comfortable coming to the polls, if that’s what they choose to do.”

The below supplies will be provided to each polling station in the county:

» Two masks per poll worker

» Six gloves per poll worker

» One face shield per poll worker

» 50 alcohol swabs

» Disinfectant spray

» Paper towels

» Mounted hand sanitizer for voters

» Gel hand sanitizer for poll workers

» Multiple stylus pens

» Additional ink pens

» Containers for used and unused pens and stylus pens

The Election Day protocols for poll workers are as follows:

» Encourage voters to maintain appropriate social distancing and to make use of hand sanitizer being provided.

» Wear masks/face shields/gloves as needed.

» During the day, use disinfectant spray to clean all tables, door handles and any other surface the public may come into contact with.

» Poll workers using the Poll Pads should keep one stylus with them and allow voters to use the additional stylus. Alcohol swabs should be used during the day to sanitize the stylus.

» If you run out of clean pens, used pens may be cleaned using the disinfectant spray.

» Containers will be provided to help you keep clean and used pens/stylus separate.

» Periodically disinfect the ID tray on the polling pad.

» You may use alcohol swabs to clean the Poll Pad screen. Voters/poll workers should be using the stylus and not touching the screen; however, if absolutely necessary, alcohol swabs may be used sparingly.

A full list of the voting locations as well as information on absentee voting can be found on

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