On a windy, rain-soaked Thursday, Coffee County residents dodged the worst of the weather.

“We really missed what could have been a really bad day for us. We were, again, pretty fortunate,” Grant Lyons, Coffee County EMA deputy director, said around 2 p.m. “The further east you go with this thing, the more likely you’re going to run into more types of damage. That thing developed right to the west of us in Coffee. That squall line is starting to form in Georgia and Florida.”

Lyons said he knew of three reports of trees down in Coffee County roadways.

“Which were cleared pretty quickly because everybody was ready for that,” Lyons said. “The roads have been good. I haven’t heard of any flooding — that doesn’t mean there isn’t any; I just haven’t heard of any. It’s still going to be a rainy afternoon.”

By early afternoon, New Brockton had recorded 1.5 inches of the rain in the past 12 hours, Lyons said. Enterprise and Elba both had a little over 1 inch.

In the last 24 hours, those totals jumped to 2.72 inches in New Brockton, 2.4 in Enterprise and just under 2 inches in Elba.

The wind as the fronts rolled through was particularly strong. Enterprise recorded a 45 mph gust around 12:15 p.m., Lyons said. The strongest gust in the area came through Fort Rucker at 48 mph around 11 a.m. Ozark had a 44 mph gust, he added.

Once the front blew through, the weather was expected to taper a bit into the evening.

As the precipitation fell off, so did the temperatures.

“It’s going to be a pretty chilly day Friday, but it looks nice on the weekend,” Lyons said.

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