Coffee County Sheriff Dave Sutton addressed the Coffee County Commission Monday morning regarding increased traffic during Memorial Day weekend.

Sheriff Dave Sutton appeared before the Coffee County Commission Monday morning to discuss increased traffic in Coffee County during Memorial Day weekend.

According to Sutton, the Coffee County Sheriff’s Office monitored traffic using new radar devices, which revealed interesting information about the number of vehicles heading south towards the beach during the Memorial Day timeframe.

“Our new devices we purchased, our radar devices, do a number of things for us,” Sutton explained. “They help us track vehicles, they help us track the speed of vehicles and the number of vehicles. We know because of the magic of GPS that everybody has in their cars and on their phones nowadays, GPS seems to take people the back road and brings them down through County Road 427 onto 460 and then on down to the beach. We had these radar devices set up during Memorial Day weekend from Thursday until Sunday, and we had 4,409 vehicles that traveled through there.”

Sutton said the new radar devices also tracked the speed of the vehicles passing through County Road 427, stating that 85 percent of those vehicles were going above the 45 mile per hour speed limit in that area.

“It tracks the speed, the number of vehicles, and then it gives us a printout. This printout also shows us the peak hours and the peak seasons they’re traveling,” Sutton said. “This was all southbound traffic for that period of Memorial Day weekend. We get reports of a lot of traffic, a lot of non-stopping for stop signs, and we have tried to put vehicles up there to control that, but that’s a lot of vehicles in a short period of time.”

Sutton encouraged drivers to stay mindful and alert on the road this summer due to the increase in traffic.

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