Though school is out and summer vacation is in full swing, musically-inclined youngsters don’t have to put down their instruments just yet.

Beginning in June, Hoobler Music will be offering two piano camps to interested students between the ages of 7 and 16. The camps will be divided into a beginner camp and an advanced/duet camp, but no prior piano experience is required to participate.

According to piano instructor Maggie McHugh, the camps provide opportunities for children to network with other young musicians, make friends and learn more about the intricacies of teamwork and music theory.

“I’ve done a piano camp before, and I wanted to bring that back for kids this year because it was fun and helped them learn more about piano outside of just having one lesson each week,” McHugh said. “This year, I’ve put a duet camp together for some of my more advanced students; I wanted them to learn from more than just me and work together on more difficult pieces of music.”

McHugh said that parents can expect their children to learn different fundamentals and techniques based on the class they attend.

“For the beginner camp, they’ll learn some basic music theory, like notes and rhythms and learning keys on the piano,” she said. “Some won’t have any piano skill going into it, and that’s okay -- there will also be fun activities going along with it. We have a program that we’re following for the beginner camp.

Advanced students will work through more advanced theory, so they’ll learn chords and work with actual sheet music; I have a couple books picked for them to get their music from. They’ll also be playing together for the duets, so they’ll have to learn how to work together for those pieces.”

Both camps will end with recitals where students can show off what they’ve learned during the camps.

The beginner piano camp will be held June 17-21 from 9:30-11:30 a.m.; the advanced camp will take place July 8-12 from 9:30-11:30 a.m. Registration for both camps is currently open. The cost of participation for one child will be $100 and two children will be $150.

McHugh said there is no registration deadline; however, interested parties are asked to register for the camps by a week prior to their start date.

For more information, contact Hoobler Music at 334-390-1009.

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