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The Coffee County Sheriff’s Office was contacted Monday, May 25, regarding a sexual assault that occurred in Coffee County.

Coffee County Deputies and the Investigation Division met with the victim at Medical Center Enterprise.

The case was discussed with the 12th Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office.

On Tuesday, Jeffrey Marlon Hamm of Troy was arrested and transported to the Coffee County Jail for Rape First Degree and Sexual Abuse First Degree.

District Attorney Tom Anderson told The Ledger Wednesday morning, “Marlon Hamm was doing contract work for this husband and wife. She is the named victim. She had gotten him to help her bush hog a field that they own in the Goodman area. It was going to be kind of a Father’s Day gift to her husband. During that process he made advances toward her, forced himself upon her. She resisted vigorously, but ultimately relented. He raped her. As soon as he stopped the assault, she ran through a swamp-type marsh area and ended up on the neighbor’s property. Her husband found her in the fetal position. At that point he rendered care to her, made contact with law enforcement and immediately took her to the hospital so that a rape kit could be performed. Subsequently, the case was assigned to Coffee County Sheriff Investigators. They were able to establish probable cause, get a warrant and then serve that upon Mr. Hamm.”

Hamm was released after posting bond of $60,000 for Rape First Degree and $15,000 for Sexual Abuse First Degree.

Hamm is the owner and operator of M. Hamm Construction LLC in Troy.

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