The City of Enterprise and the Christian Mission are partnering to help residents who need a warm and safe place to stay as the local weather turns wintry today.

As temperatures dip below freezing tonight, the Christian Mission will be open as a warming shelter for the homeless or for people who do not have adequate heating in their homes. Should the Mission’s capacity be exceeded, the City will open a facility to accommodate additional people.

The National Weather Service said temperatures could drop to about 27 degrees overnight, then should warm to about 52 on Wednesday. The low overnight Wednesday is expected to be about 35.

Christian Mission Founder and Executive Director John Belcher said those in need of shelter can come to the mission, located at 231 Geneva Highway, anytime between now and when the weather improves.

He said they will need to bring necessary personal items such as clothing and medication. Meals and beds will be provided.

Mayor William E. Cooper said he is thankful Enterprise has an organization like the Christian Mission to provide services for citizens in times like these, and that the City is fortunate to have a close working relationship with Belcher and the Mission.

Cooper encouraged everyone who has elderly or handicapped relatives, friends or others who are vulnerable to cold weather to check on them and make sure they have adequate heating in their homes, or a safe and warm place to go during coldest hours.

He asked everyone to dress warmly and use all cold weather precautions.

NWS officials said this cold snap will be severe enough to kill plants, which may need to be covered or brought inside to avoid frost damage. Pipes that run outside or under a house should be wrapped in pipe insulation to avoid cracks; and pets should be brought indoors or provided a warm place to sleep.

Emergency Management Agency officials are also reminding everyone to be careful when operating wood-burning and gas fireplaces, portable heating units and other heating devices.

To contact the Christian Mission, call 334-393-2607 or 334-470-0349.

For more information, call Kay Kirkland at 334-348-2310 or 406-1394.

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