Field Superintendent Alan Mahan updated the Enterprise Water Works Board regarding the city’s non-revenued water loss during a regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday.

According to Mahan, May’s water loss numbers were high due to “billing versus reading,” meaning that water pumped during one month was not “captured” on a billing cycle until the next month since meters are read during the middle of the month. Mahan said that though May’s numbers were not ideal, June’s non-revenued water loss revealed more pleasing statistics.

“Last month we talked about it and were hoping that a lot of water that showed up as unrevenued loss last month would be captured on the next billing,” Mahan said. “If you look at June of 2018, you see what the water loss was: 7.68% or 14 million gallons. This year, that water was captured, so that gave us a -6.55 percent loss and -14 million gallons lost -- we captured an extra 14 million gallons of water more than we sold through that period of billing and reading. We didn’t pump more water than we sold, but in a period, it shows on paper that there was more water than what was actually captured with the way we read meters. This 14 million gallons was not captured in May, which threw our numbers way up -- it was captured this month, which was to our good -- we didn’t have any loss this month.”

Mahan said the up to date total revealed that in fiscal year 2018, Enterprise lost 220 million gallons of water, but in fiscal year 19, the up to date total is 167 million gallons lost. The total percentage of water lost monthly last year was 16.82%; this year, it dropped to 12.72%.

Mahan said the overall goal is to eliminate water loss by 50%, and Enterprise is currently at 26.74%.

“I broke it down into quarters, and October through December last year was 11.25% lost; this year was 7.15%,” Mahan said. “January through March was 26.39% last year; this year it’s at 15.54%. April through June last year was 12.61%; it’s up a little bit this year, 15.44% on a quarter, and the total average on quarters is 16.45% last year, down to 12.83% this year. June was a good month as far as capturing a lot of water from the previous month by the way we read the meters, which brings our losses down.”

“It’s great steps in the right direction,” added water works board member Ben Beckham, Jr.

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