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Though the project is slightly behind schedule, continued efforts to replace Enterprise’s water mains are moving right along, according to Field Superintendent Alan Mahan.

Mahan and City of Enterprise Consulting Engineer Glenn Morgan updated the Enterprise Water Works Board on the water main replacement project during Wednesday’s regularly scheduled board meeting. According to Mahan, Phase I of the project is approximately one quarter of the way finished and is still shooting for a substantial completion date of Aug. 30.

“Right now we’re about 25 percent complete on the project. Right now they’re in the Crescent Drive and Andrews Street area, and they should be finished in that area this week,” Mahan said. “They’ve got a little bit of work to do in the Shellfield Road area, then they’ll be moving back into town to replace some lines. They’re moving as quickly as possible. We haven’t had any bad rain during the week, so it hasn’t settled back any and they’ve been working every day. Everything is going fine on that.”

Morgan added that the project is running slightly behind schedule, however, as the project’s contractor requested a delayed start date before beginning the water main replacements.

“They are behind scheduled based on the completed construction time; however, we talked with them -- we have completed construction meetings with the contractor each week -- and we talked about it last week and they understand that they are behind as far as contract time goes,” Morgan said. “They started about three weeks late; they requested up front that we defer the start time. I didn’t change the notice to proceed. I told them at that time that we wouldn’t adjust the contract time -- that wouldn’t change, but they could start whenever they wanted to.”

Morgan said certain factors the crews have encountered during the course of the project have also caused small changes to the plan, which in turn can slow work down.

“There have been some changes. Any time we do these projects like this, they find all kinds of things they didn’t expect,” Morgan said. “Alan finds mains he didn’t know were there, valves, and they have to get those things adjusted, so there’s been all kinds of changes done. I’ve asked the contractor and our site rep to document that as those happen as well, because those are outside of contract.”

However, though the project is running a bit behind, Morgan said he advised the contractor not to rush due to the quality of work being performed on the project.

“One thing this contractor is doing is he’s cleaning up really well; I don’t know if there’s any complaints that I’m really aware of,” Morgan said. “When they get through with an area, they’ve already patched the streets and cleaned back up, which is a little different than past projects and all depends on the contractor. There’s a lot to be said for that, so I told the contractor last Tuesday to be aware that they’re behind schedule, but I’m not telling him to start getting sloppy and speed up either.”

Mahan and Morgan said that Phase II of the water main replacement project is “about 95 percent” complete and is currently undergoing some fine tuning due to budget concerns. Morgan said that a complication with Phase II will be the need for an Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) permit, which will cost $1,960 to file.

“There’s some service replacements on Park Avenue that have to be done; that’s the only (Department of Transportation) encroachment that this phase has,” Morgan said. “The main is out in the road, so in order to do the service replacements, which is what Alan needs done, we’re going to have to cut the road in places. We’ve talked to DOT about it and it’s going to require a permit, so we’re in the process of filing that now, and we have to file an ADEM permit. We filed one for Phase I because of the schedule -- we can roll as much of the projects together as we can and file as one permit; however, because of the schedule and the way things have worked out with these other projects, we’re going to have to file another ADEM permit just for Phase II.”

Morgan concluded the update by requesting the board approve advertising the Phase II water main replacement project for bids. The board voted to grant Morgan’s request.

No estimated start date for Phase II of the project has been given.

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