Jason Wright leaving Enterprise

Jason Wright and Enterprise Mayor Bill Cooper. Wright is leaving his post as the city’s communications director to work for the Wiregrass Foundation in his hometown of Dothan.


Since 2012, Jason Wright has made the drive each day from Dothan to Enterprise to work for the city.

A Dothan native, Wright said leaving his post as Enterprise’s Communications Director will be tough.

“The thing I have enjoyed most working with is the staff,” Wright said. “They don’t get credit they deserve a lot of the time. There are loyal people who work here that sacrifice a lot for their families to do the work they are getting paid to do. This city has good employees. They care and take pride in what they do. That’s the hardest part of leaving, the eight years of relationships.”

Wright’s final day will be Tuesday, concluding with the city council meeting that evening.

Wright will be working with Wiregrass Foundation on Ennis Road in Dothan. The public safety center has a new state-of-the-art facility where it trains first responders, police, fire, EMS, the community, businesses, churches, etc.

Originally hired as the projects coordinator for Enterprise, Wright was named to as communications director in 2013, a new position at the time. He was reappointed to a four-year term in 2016.

The only department heads still in place when Wright arrived are Police Chief T.D. Jones, Parks and Recreation Director Billy Powell, Fire Chief Byron Herring, and Alan Mahan with the water department.

Of the most significant things Wright has been a part of, he said was his hands-on work with the Enterprise Farmers Market.

“It’s a facility that didn’t please everybody, but it’s used three days a week by the farmers and was rented out 70 days last year for other events,” Wright said.

After receiving his Master’s degree from Troy University – where he lettered three years for coach Larry Blakeney’s football Trojans, his senior year as the punter – Wright worked in television at WTVY, running its website and video work.

Hired initially by former Enterprise Mayor and current ADECA Director Kenneth Boswell, Wright has spent the last few years working with Enterprise Mayor Bill Cooper.

“Boswell and Cooper are two totally different type of leaders, but they were both leaders,” Wright said. “Both were successful in their roles as mayor.

“What most people saw in Kenneth was the mayor. They never saw Kenneth the person. I saw him interact with politicians in Washington as well as a three-year-old. He doesn’t treat anybody different. He can get on whatever level is needed and communicate. I wouldn’t have had this opportunity if it hadn’t been for him and (then City Clerk) Steve Hicks taking a chance on me.

“Cooper is a person that was thrust into this position. He is a good man to work for. Like Kenneth, he cares about me personally... my family. He’s a good mayor. I don’t think he’s given the credit he’s due.”

Wright, cleaning off his memorabilia from his office walls, also took a snap shot of a board he let his two young daughters draw on the last time they were in his office.

“I have the opportunity to go back home,” Wright said. “Professionally, it’s a good opportunity. Had the opportunity not been presented, I would still be coming here. It’s a good city and there are a lot of things going on. What the public doesn’t see are the things on the table that could come to fruition. It’s been a privilege to represent Enterprise around the country and overseas. The team of the city’s leader ship has done a good job representing the city on a global stage -- Australia, Germany, South Korea. All of the city’s eggs are not in one basket. Our industrial base has diversity.

“Regardless of some internal struggles we’ve had, it’s still a great place.”

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