Oh, Ole Miss, perhaps you don’t deserve this. Nevertheless, it is your burden to shoulder and, come on, let’s face it, it’s not like you haven’t carried that boulder before.

This from the university who hired Houston Nutt despite his less-than-honorable lifestyle that was fully uncovered from cell phone records and such while at Arkansas.

This from the university that then brought in Hugh Freeze, who apparently had more flaws than Nutt and Bobby Petrino put together, only to have to fire him too after the rest of the country found out about his lifestyle. (Can you believe he’s at Liberty?!) We found that it was indeed possible to downgrade in class from Nutt.

This from the university which back in my sports writing days (1980-98) had perhaps the worst reputation of foul-mouthed fans even if The Grove was the best tailgating area in all of college football. Perhaps the former was a result of the latter.

This from a university who had a player — D.J. Metcalf — already pretend to urinate on Mississippi State’s field just two seasons ago, and face massive public outcry. Metcalf was perhaps persuaded by then-New York Giants receiver Odell Beckham, who had performed the childish maneuver earlier that season.

“I’m in the end zone,” Beckham said. “I’m a dog. So, I acted like a dog.”

Mission accomplished, Odell.

Metcalf said he was sorry for his actions, and that it was “... not a reflection of my coaches or the university.”

Unfortunately, when you act like a moron it is absolutely a reflection on your coaches, your school, even your family.

Randy Moss once pretended to moon the Green Bay crowd when he was playing for Minnesota. ‘You got mooned’ ... just doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it?

Then Thanksgiving night happened.

Ole Miss receiver Elijah Moore hauled in a touchdown pass with just four seconds remaining at Starkville, pulling his Rebels/Black Bears/Landsharks to within one of Mississippi at 21-20 in the state’s coveted Egg Bowl.

Only Moore decided to go all Ole Miss and crawl to the back of the end zone, hike his leg and pretend pee. Maybe he has bladder issues and just needed to go, maybe he thought the score was different (not that it would matter), or maybe the sophomore from Fort Lauderdale didn’t think at all about his team, his school, his fans or his family. I’m going with door number three.

By the way, he’s an adult, so yes, he can be singled out. The kicker, rather than having a chip shot 20-yard extra point, proceeded to just miss a 35-yard extra point following the unsportsmanlike penalty on Moore. Therefore, Moore single-handedly cost his team a chance to win in overtime.

“It was an emotional moment, and I deeply regret it,” Moore said in a release. “It does not represent who I am or who we are as a team, and I will grow stronger from this mistake.”

Well, it represents you for now. Better get on that getting stronger and showing remorse thing quick.

Question, how many times when you’ve had an emotional moment have you wanted to pretend pee like a dog?

The headlines following Moore’s actions were priceless:

Mississippi flushed away its chances of winning the Golden Egg

Ole Miss chances leaked away following penalty

Ole Miss head coach Matt Luke, after the game, said, “It’s not who we are.”

Well, it certainly appears to be exactly who “we” are. See above (Freeze, Metcalf, Moore).

Ole Miss Athletic Director Keith Carter said the school would handle the discipline internally. Why? Just make everyone guess that you slapped him on the wrist. As I mentioned, Moore is an adult... well, age-wise anyway.

Wanna hear something funny? Moore’s Major is listed as Sport & Recreation Administration.

Would you want this guy running a rec league for your child? I can see his resume now... Accomplishments: Urination celebration.

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