While some people seem more concerned with the goings on of the local football team’s won-loss record, things have taken a downward spiral at Enterprise City Hall, and it should get far more attention.

The resignation Monday of City Clerk/Treasurer Bob Dean may just be a Band Aid fix to the dam break coming from 501 S. Main Street. The city council, despite two unexplained “no” votes, certainly made the right move in appointing highly respected Beverly Sweeney as interim city clerk/treasurer. Nevertheless, there is a mess within the city right now that if not cleaned up real quick, is going to be as destructive as mold within the infrastructure.

Exactly why people felt the need to change what was a good – no, great – thing is beyond anyone that doesn’t have political aspirations or a desire for power in the City of (What Used to Be) Progress. Enterprise was thriving; still is for the most part. Now, lack of transparency and questionable decision-making coming from the powers that be are tearing down the town’s once-stellar façade.

The firm of Carr, Riggs & Ingram all but said as much in August with its audit report of a city that at one time used such audits to show the citizens how clean and near perfect it operated. Former Clerk/Treasurer Steve Hicks is now benefitting some other town because perhaps he saw things were not exactly changing for the better here. No, this time Carr, Riggs & Ingram described a number of significant deficiencies in Enterprise’s record keeping tactics. It was – or at least should have been – embarrassing to anyone within close proximity to the Boll Weevil monument.

The bad news hardly stopped with the audit, as reports of harassment from city officials on others were reported. It has come to The Ledger’s attention that as many as six women were interviewed recently regarding some of the harassment issues. The allegations should at the very least have people keeping their eyes wide open at the goings on at city hall. There shouldn’t be one more allegation of harassment. If such an allegation is found to be true, that is about as disgusting as is gets and Enterprise deserves so much better.

The boll weevil once forced cotton farmers to switch to peanuts to save the livelihoods of farmers. Now, it appears, the Boll Weevil City is the one that needs a better plan because something has infiltrated the city and it’s working against its well-being.

I’m betting the Enterprise football team has a plan in place to make things better on Friday nights. Working harder is almost certainly included in the plans. Will this city do likewise to return Enterprise to a true City of Progress?

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