Things of which you couldn’t have missed lately:

* It’s been a long hot summer in Alabama. Even our fall has seemed mid-summeresque.

* Antonio Brown may be the biggest fool in professional sports. Move over Conor McGregor.

* Democrats in Washington are proving to be worse than worthless.

Worthless politicians – and they are abundant – just sit there and don’t do anything, whereas our current gaggle of Dems are doing something, wasting the country’s time and money with witch hunts and dividing the country worse than I can remember in my lifetime. Otherwise, they are accomplishing nothing... nada, nil, zero, zilch, zip.

Yes, the Democrats, led by the saddest woman in Washington, Nancy Pelosi, and by a woman who would be the saddest only she doesn’t understand the meaning, any meaning, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, are more concerned with trying to find dirt on the president than they are in running the country. NOTHING has been accomplished since, oh, I don’t know, maybe there was a president having inappropriate relations with White House interns, a president who went to war because he was ill-advised that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, or a president who effectively began treating police as second-class citizens.

You want dirt? There’s some legitimate dirt.

The funny thing is all Democrats seem to be digging up is more dirt on their own people. It’s been long-since proven that Hillary Clinton was just a very bad person, period. Now we’re finding out that Joe Biden was making sure his son benefitted financially, very well I might add, from his being vice-president to the beer garden head organizer-in-chief.

And to think that proven fact-falsifier Elizabeth Warren, or a guy I believe was once one of Jim Henson’s Muppets, Bernie Sanders, has a shot at being that party’s nominee for president next year.

We should all wish Donald Trump would just continue to lower unemployment, continue to have our country on the upswing, and once and for all lose his Twitter account. It only encourages the pathetic people at CNN and MSNBC to continue their fictitious happy hours. I would call it reporting but that’d be a disgrace to actual professional reporters out there.

But, we should also wish that the Democrats would put their anger aside at losing the last presidential election and actually do something positive for our country, such as working in good faith to get things accomplished. How long can you stay bitter at losing? It would be akin to Alabama being 0-5 rather than 5-0 at the moment after losing to Clemson in last year’s championship game. Nick Saban and his players went back to work to get things done. Nancy Pelosi and her merry band of misfits have only practiced how to spew venom.

I know I’m not the only one tired of this garbage. A long-time liberal friend in another state recently said that while he’s “not crossed over to the dark side,” he has had it with the continuous corrupt stories such as Biden’s that are coming from the party of which he has entrusted his adult life. He’s ready to bolt from politics altogether.

Maybe we should just do away with the party system. That way, I’m not sure Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Waters would know at whom they should direct their venom, and I’m quite sure AOC wouldn’t know about the change until someone told her years down the line.

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