Kyle Mooty

Please refrain from using your cell phone at a movie theater. I think you should be escorted from the premises if you choose to text and perhaps even shoved out if you choose to talk on one during the movie… or even during the previews for that matter.

Please drive the speed limit if you’re in the left lane or move over to the right lane. Some people need to get from Point A to Point B in a timely manner.

Remember, if you take a shot at one university because of their athletic prowess or political views, it only permits negative reactions to your school. Unless it’s Colorado, then it’s fair game.

Do not tell me I shouldn’t eat after 7 p.m. Often, I don’t get home until late and, well, I’m not keeping this frame satisfied through the night on whatever I had several hours earlier at lunch.

If you have to explain to someone why you’re worth their time, chances are they’re not worth your time.

Don’t be that “parent” that makes a scene at their son’s or daughter’s game by yelling at the officials, or, even worse, at their child, or much worse, at someone else’s child, from beginning to end of said game. If you want a reputation, a bad one at that, that’s a sure-fire a way to obtain one.

Always… ALWAYS… be willing to change if it’s in your best interest. I’ve used the expression “that’s how I’ve always done it” more than I care to remember, only to discover that a new way is indeed new and improved.

Holding on to anger with someone let’s them win. I have found that brushing away such issues usually allows for a much brighter outlook and far more productive day. If the other person has to hang on to their anger, let them carry that burden around.

I believe the saying goes: “Don’t follow your heart and forget your head.”

Remember that no one takes you as seriously as you, so perhaps you should tone down your self-gratification.

Please don’t ask me about my political views unless you want my opinion, and please don’t ask it around others because I’ve rarely been in a group of five or more people who all have the same opinion… lower that number to two if the group is women… and if it’s all women don’t dare ask me my opinion because I probably won’t answer anyway. It won’t be me being rude, just displaying what little wise I have accumulated since 1962.

And Heaven knows, don’t believe everything you read on the Internet. People don’t have to answer to anyone if it’s just a random internet comment. (I saw that one online.)

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