Sports Illustrated, which I have been getting since the sixties and still possess prized copies, hit a new low last week as it joined ESPN and the far-leftists on network television by promoting anti-American Megan Rapinoe on its cover while choosing to bury far better action shots inside.

From covers the likes of Ted Williams and Michael Jordan, to Rapinoe, is like falling off Mount Everest.

Actually, how about Kelly O’Hara proudly displaying the flag and picking it off the ground after – who else – Rapinoe, put it there. Yes, Rapinoe is the loud mouth who blames Donald Trump for everything – she has many role models in Congress – and she is gay. Guess what, so is O’Hara. However, the Fayetteville, Georgia, native understands for what the flag stands. It’s bigger than Trump; certainly bigger than Rapinoe.

Here’s an idea... since you are supposed to be a sports magazine, how about running some photos of the reaction following the combined no-hitter thrown by the Los Angeles Angels during their first home game since the death of teammate Tyler Skaggs. Those reactions were priceless. That is heart-warming. Rapinoe is stomach-churning.

I’ll give Rapinoe this... she is legendary. She managed to make a good portion of Americans despise the U.S. women’s soccer team; this from a country that has for the most part forgiven Kobe Bryant, Bill Clinton, etc.

Recently, we have had a vegan throw a fishermen’s catch back – try that at a pond in the Wiregrass and you’ll likely be forced to sip squeezed kale out of a straw – and the misfits at Antifa throw milkshakes and rocks and a journalist.

As a friend pondered, would they like a brick thrown at them, you know, since eggs come from a chicken? Milkshakes have dairy products in them, so that should offend them. Arresting the faceless and likely jobless losers that take part in violent Antifa protests would be the right thing to do, but we seem to have things way out of whack these days (see Sports Illustrated).

Speaking of out of whack... has Portland , Oregon just been crowned most absurd city in the U.S?

While I’m at it, who is really surprised that New Orleans could be flooded again. The city is 15 to 18-feet below sea level. The fact that it is not flooded all of the time is a minor miracle.

It’s kind of like the late Steve Irwin. Should we have really been shocked he was killed while swimming with stingrays? The guy is made out to be a saint, but remember, he placed his young child in front of an alligator. That was every bit as absurd as Michael Jackson holding a baby over a balcony. People trip and people slip, but why anyone would put a child in such situations is beyond me. I think that’s called a form of Russian Roulette.

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