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I know it’s the nature of the beast. Being a politician sprouts gripes from the public regardless of whether it’s justified or not.

Depending on what biased cable channel you choose, Barack Obama is either a villain or a hero, Hillary Clinton is either a pathological liar or just being picked on because she’s a woman (hello, Mrs. Palin), and Donald Trump is either a nut or a…, well, from Fox News to the Peacock network, most agree he’s a nut, even those who would rather he be moving to the Oval Office next year.

In Alabama, there are actually those that still support Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard, despite evidence that shows he has used, or at least tried to use his position for personal gain. He has more ethics violations charges than you can count using all of your fingers and toes. People’s pride in refusing to admit they’ve been a sucker for believing in a political misfit is tough, and until that situation is resolved, Alabama and its Republican Party will continue to suffer.

But I digress…

Even more locally, we are seeing some citizens angry at the local city government, its council members and its mayor. They’ve popped up as bloggers – bloggers, those that follow no rules of fact or fiction in their writings – and they’ve popped up as groups formed simply because they want to have a louder voice in hopes it will sound more like fact than fiction.

Whatever happened to an individual voicing his or her concerns to the actual powers that be before making a mockery of a situation? I’ve seen all kinds of governments in municipalities from big cities to little towns. Some of those towns needed a street sweeper on council meeting nights to just clear out the place because the town was drying up thanks to the incredible poor judgment used week in and week out. Others have thrived because of the forward thinking of the government and the fact that every “I” was dotted and “t” crossed by its staff.

I discovered one town had never properly published and/or posted its legal notices – a.k.a. ordinances, etc. – and that got the attention of the Wall Street Journal and my newspaper a Pulitzer nomination. Had there been some class-action lawsuit, I’m not so sure the town would not have had to reimburse every person ever fined by that city. It had only become an incorporated town since the 1960s, but such a lawsuit would have certainly bankrupted the town and probably ended all services it provided.

Trust me, it makes for far more interesting stories when our leaders don’t follow the rules.

Thursday is the State of the City address in Enterprise. Yes, Mayor Kenneth Boswell will likely speak on the positives his city has going for it, as any politician would do. However, he’s got plenty to support such bragging because of the 13 or so towns – best I can remember – where I’ve resided, Enterprise has more going for it on the leadership side than all of them. The tax rate here is low, the crime is low, the schools are top notch, industry is thriving and growing, and as long as Fort Rucker is allowed to keep on keepin’ on (that’s up to bigger politicians) there is little to complain about. But, it’s highly likely that will stop those whose sole mission each day is to gripe.

Here’s hoping Enterprise will continue to flourish and the gripes will continue to have little merit.

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