Another what goes-around, comes-around date’s arrived, Oct. 20, a date fraught with past events still impacting us.

For example, on Oct. 20, 1864, Pres. Abraham Lincoln established Thanksgiving as a national holiday; millions now currently know it as Black Friday Eve.

Oct. 20, 1910: The first cork-centered baseball was used in a World Series.

This year, after lively baseballs ended years of complaining too few homers were being hit, Major League Baseball supposedly changed balls for playoff games.

Oct. 20, 1947: The House Un-American Activities Committee opened hearings concerning alleged Communist influence in Hollywood the same day World Series radio rights were sold for $475,000 for three years.


Oct. 20, 1964: Mad Dog Vachon beat Verne Gagne to become National Wrestling Alliance champion.

Bought your $30 ticket for the upcoming Bullet Bob Armstrong tribute gala?

Oct. 20, 1970: Norman Borlaug was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

As Enterprise prepares to celebrate the 100th birthday of the World Famous Boll Weevil Monument, Norman Borlaug’s contributions to local agriculture shouldn’t be ignored.

Norman who?

Watch one-time Dothan resident Andy Andrews’ “Butterfly Effect” video to connect the peanut dots.

Oct. 20, 1975: The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that teachers could spank their pupils after warning them.

We didn’t get much warning in Enterprise City Schools, 1956-68.

Oct. 20, 1977: Members of Lynyrd Skynyrd, including Ronnie Van Zant, Steve Gains, Cassie Gaines and Dean Kilpatrick, were killed in a plane crash in McComb, Mississippi.

Forty-two years later, their 1974 “political statement” song, “Sweet Home Alabama” still gets a bunch of airplay.

Oct. 20, 1992: The first World Series game outside the U.S. was played in Toronto. In Game 3, Toronto beat Atlanta’s Braves, 2-1, en route to winning the Series, 4-2.

The 2019 Braves caved on their tomahawk tradition and managed to beat themselves out of a chance to get to another Series; would’ve been the team’s ninth since 1914 and first since 1999.

Oct. 20, 2015: U.S. Vice President Joe Biden confirmed he wouldn’t run for President.

Must not have meant ever.

Hard to believe we have to worry for a solid year+ of ramped-up Presidential politics Americans will likely see everywhere we turn, except for in this space, where Mad’s Alfred E. Neuman theme - “What, Me Worry?” -- reigns.


Can’t remember when worry arrived for the baby boomer in the House of Adams.

It could’ve happened at City School when students were lined up and shot!

But, hey, we got some sort of booster shots every year; there ain’t no crying in shot-taking and when bringing stool specimens to school in the name of a public health threat: hookworms.

Baby boomers worried about our form during “duck and cover” drills preparing for nuclear attack by those Ruskies.

Worries grew with us.

We’ve worried about:

The metric system being adopted;

Eating fried chicken in public (to fork/not to fork);

Learning the planets, in terms of distance from the sun;

New states Alaska and Hawaii; and

Communist Chinese leader Mao Tse Tung.

Fast forward to today: Pluto ain’t a planet but at least 18 more heavenly bodies are; we eat chicken however we choose; and they’re now Hawai’i and Mao Zedong.

Stay tuned.

All this may last as long as a snowflake in a frying pan.

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